The Rats and The Gold

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a rich merchant who was about to take a long trip, but before leaving, he talked to one of his best friends.



FRIEND: What a nice surprise!.  Come, and sit down.  You look worried.  What’s wong?.



MERCHANT: Oh, my good friend!.  Today I received a letter from my nephew. My sister is sick, and I have to go and see her.



FRIEND: I am sorry to hear that.



MERCHANT: I will be gone for a few months, and I want to ask you for a favor.



FRIEND: Sure, what do you need?.



MERCHANT: Would you take care of my gold coins while I am away?.  You are my best friend, and you are the only one I can trust.



FRIEND: You know you can count on me.



MERCHANT: I know they will be in good hands.



FRIEND: Don’t worry. I’ll put them in a safe place.  And I hope your sister gets well soon.



MERCHANT: I hope so, too.  As soon as I come back from my trip, I’ll come to see you to get my money.



FRIEND: Of course.  Where do you have them?.



MERCHANT: Here, take the bag.



FRIEND: It sure is heavy!.



MERCHANT: I know, and I’m sorry to put you in this position.



FRIEND: That’s what friends are for!.



MERCHANT: Thank you. I have to go.



FRIEND: Have a nice trip.  And the only thing in your mind right now, should be your sister.



MERCHANT: I know, and I appreciate your support.  Good-bye.



FRIEND: Good bye, my friend.



NARRATOR: After a few months the merchant came back and the first thing he did, was to go and see his friend to get back his gold coins.



FRIEND: Oh, your back!.  How’s your sister?.



MERCHANT: She’s fine now.



FRIEND: I am glad to hear that, and I am also happy that you’re back.



MERCHANT: Everything is fine now.



FRIEND: I have terrible news!. It’s about your gold coins!.



MERCHANT: What is it?.



FRIEND: As soon as you left, I placed the bag you gave me inside a wood chest under seven locks, but I didn’t know that I had rats in my house!.  Can you imagine what happened?.



MERCHANT: No, I can’t.



FRIEND: The rats gnawed the wood chest and ate the gold coins!.   You know they have voracious appetites and will eat almost anything!.



MERCHANT: Oh, this is terrible!.  I am completely ruined!.



FRIEND: I feel so sorry.  It’t all my fault.



MERCHANT: Don’t feel guilty, it’s all because of them!.



FRIEND: Thank you for being so understanding.



MERCHANT: Forget about it.   Come to my house tomorrow to have dinner.



FRIEND: I’ll be there.



MERCHANT: See you then.  Good-bye.



NARRATOR: The merchant left.  But before leaving his friend’s house, he went to the stable, and without being seen, he took the best horse he found there.  When he arrived home, he hid the animal where nobody could see him.  Next day when his friend arrived for dinner he said.



MERCHANT: You don’t look good!.  Is there something wrong?.



FRIEND: Yes, I just suffered a terrible lost!.  My best horse just vanished!.



MERCHANT: Really?.  But, how could that happen to you?.



FRIEND: I looked for it everywhere, and I haven’t been able to find it.  I even went to the woods, but it seems like earth gobbled it up!.



MERCHANT: Is it possible?.  Maybe an owl took him!.



FRIEND: What are you saying?.



MERCHANT: Well, last night I was looking up to the sky and I a saw an owl, and he was carrying a beautiful horse on his feet.



FRIEND: That’s nonsense!.  How can an owl carry an animal that weights hundreds of pounds?.



MERCHANT: Everything is possible.  We live in a town where rats eat gold. Why are you surprised to find out that owls can steal horses?.



FRIEND: Oh, you are right, my good friend, I feel so bad.  Please forgive me!. I lied to you.  I will give you back your gold.



MERCHANT: And I will give you back your horse.



Friend: I fell into my own trap.






Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



Moral:  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  One bad turn deserves another.



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