The Enchanted Palace

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CROWD (servants)



NARRATOR:  Once upon a time there was a rich man who build a magnificent and  luxurious palace.  When the palace was finished he moved there with his servants.  The first night he spent in his new home, he told one of his servants.


RICH MAN: I thought I would never come to live in my palace.


SERVANT: This place was built especially for you.


RICH MAN: It has everything I ever wanted to have… a beautiful garden with exotic flowers, gold chandeliers, marble walls and floors, and the most fine carpets.


SERVANT: I am happy for you, sir.


RICH MAN: I am tired, it’s been a long day… you can go now.


SERVANT: Very well, sir.  Good night.


RICH MAN: Good night.


NARRATOR: The servant left the room, and the rich man prepared to go to  sleep, but as soon as he was in bed, he heard a strange and powerful voice.


VOICE: May I come down?.


RICH MAN: Who’s there?.


NARRATOR: The rich man stood up and looked around, but nobody was in the room.  Then he heard the voice once again.


VOICE: May I come down?.


RICH MAN: Where are you?.  Who’s hiding in my room?.


VOICE: May I come down?.


NARRATOR: The rich man was scared.  He could not see anybody, so he dressed up, left the room, and went straight to one of his servant’s room.


RICH MAN: (knocking) Open the door!. Open the door!.


NARRATOR: The servant opened the door and he was surprised to see his master standing outside his room.


SERVANT: Sir, what’s the matter?.


RICH MAN: There’s someone in my room.  Who did you let in when I was not here?.


SERVANT: Nobody, sir.


RICH MAN: Who’s in my room, then?  I heard someone talking to me, but when I checked the room, I saw nobody.


SERVANT: Let me go and see for myself.


RICH MAN: No!.  I have the strange feeling that something might happen to you.


SERVANT: Then, what should we do?.


RICH MAN: I don’t want to be here anymore.  I’m going back to my old house tomorrow morning.


SERVANT: But, sir… you’ve waited too long… this is all you ever wanted to have.  This is your palace!.


RICH MAN: I already told you… it’s my decision.  Tell everybody to pack their things, we are leaving early in the morning.


SERVANT: Yes, sir.


NARRATOR: Next morning the rich man and his servants returned to his old house.  People in the city said that an evil spirit was haunting the palace, and nobody wanted to go there.  One day a poor man who lived in the streets with his family, asked to see the rich man.


RICH MAN: I don’t know who you are.  What do you want?


POOR MAN: Oh, Sir, please help me!.  I am desperate… my family and I are living in the streets.  Our ceiling is the sky and the walls is the horizon… we have no food… my family depends on me… we only have each other…. and I have lost all hope!.  I beg you… please, let me live in your palace… I know it’s empty… let me spend the winter there with my family.


RICH MAN: Your words have convinced me… but you have to know that the palace is not really empty.  There is a spirit living there… did you know that?.


POOR MAN: That’s what people say, but I don’t care.  I don’t want my family to spend the winter in the streets… it’s so cold… you know.


RICH MAN: Very well, you can stay there.


POOR MAN: Oh, thank you!.


NARRATOR: That same day the poor man and his family went to live to the palace.  And at night, when he was about to go to bed, he heard a strange and powerful voice.


VOICE: May I come down?.


POOR MAN: Yes, you may come down.


NARRATOR: Suddenly a rain of gold coins came down from the ceiling and fell on the floor.


POOR MAN: Stop!.


NARRATOR: A few minutes later the gold rain stopped.


POOR MAN: This is wonderful!.  This is not an enchanted house… this is a miracle!  I have to tell him what is happening in his palace… he must know!.


NARRATOR: Next day the poor man went to talk to the rich man.


RICH MAN: I don’t believe you… I really don’t!.


POOR MAN: You must!.  I am telling you the truth!.   Come with me, and spend the night there, and you will see.


RICH MAN: You’re right… I have to see it with my own eyes.


NARRATOR: That night the rich man went to the palace.  Both man were in the room, when they heard the voice.


VOICE: May I come down?.


RICH MAN: Yes, you may come down.


NARRATOR: Suddenly many gold coins came down from the ceiling.


POOR MAN: This is wonderful!.  Look, it’s raining gold coins!.  I can feel them in my hands!.  It’s a miracle!.


RICH MAN: No!.  No!.  they are not gold coins, they are horrible spiders!  No!.  No! …. Get away from me!.  Don’t touch me!… the palace is yours… I don’t want it!


NARRATOR: The rich man left the palace terrified, and the poor man lived in the palace, and he helped  the poor and homeless people that lived in the city.


The End


Author:  A folktale from India


Adapted by K I D S I N C O



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