Melanie, The Ugly Doll

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ana, who lived with her mother in a small house.



MOTHER: Ana, it’s time to go to bed.



ANA: Yes, mother.



MOTHER: Do you want your doll?.



ANA: No, I don’t want her anymore.



MOTHER: You don’t want Melanie?.



ANA: No.  It’s old and ugly. I don’t like it, and I don’t want it!.



MOTHER: Where is it?.



ANA: It’s under the bed.



MOTHER: Under the bed?.  Ana, the doll will get all dirty.



ANA: It’s already dirty.



MOTHER: How can you say that?.



ANA: I don’t want to see her. Please mother, take it away.



NARRATOR: Ana’s mother took the doll from under the bed and put it behind the door. Their house was so small, that there was no other place to put it. That night, something strange happened while Ana and her mother were sleeping.



MOUSE: Wake up!. Wake up!.



CRICKET: Leave her alone!. Don’t you see what’s going on?.



MOUSE: What’s going on?.



CRICKET: Ana doesn’t love her anymore.



MOUSE: So what?.



CRICKET: You don’t understand.



MOP: That’s right, you don’t understand. She is not feeling good, that’s why she’s not awake.



BUCKET: Poor Melanie!.



NARRATOR: Melanie opened her eyes and started to cry.



MELANIE: Oh, I am so sad.



MOUSE: Please Melanie, don’t be sad. You break my heart!.



MELANIE: Look at me!.  Look at me!.



MOP: What’s wrong with you?.



MELANIE: Don’t you see!.  I’m old, ugly,  and dirty!.



SWEEP: Come on, Ana doesn’t mean it.



MELANIE: Please go away, and leave me alone.



BUCKET: We can’t leave you alone.



MELANIE: I don’t want anybody to see me.



MOP: I don’t see anything wrong with you.



MELANIE: Don’t you see?.  I have a broken arm, and my face is all dirty.  Look at my clothes!.



SWEEP: Please don’t cry. You are making me cry, too.



MELANIE: She doesn’t love me anymore. She doesn’t want to see me!.



MOUSE: Forget about her, we are your friends.   This is your world.



MOP: Mouse is right.  You don’t belong there.



MELANIE: Well, maybe you’re right.



CRICKET: We all love you.



BUCKET: With just one arm, and a dirty face.



SWEEP AND MOP: And your ragged clothes.


MOUSE: I love you,  and I want you to be happy.



MELANIE: I’m sorry.  All of you make me happy.



CRICKET: Shhh, I heard some footsteps.



NARRATOR: Ana’s mother was standing near the door.



MOTHER: What was that?.  I better go back to bed, it was all a dream.  There’s only Ana and me in this house.  But, who else could be talking?.






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