The Wise Man

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time a wise man decided to make a trip on a ship.  One day he was watching the sunset when an arrogant young boy approached him.


YOUNG BOY: Nice sight.


WISE MAN: Indeed it is.


YOUNG BOY: Have you traveled a lot?.


WISE MAN: Yes, I have.


YOUNG BOY: Have you been to Damascus?.


WISE MAN: Oh, yes I have.  What a wonderful city it is!.  And the stars…Oh, those beautiful shining stars…you can almost touch them!.


YOUNG BOY: Everything is fine, but… did you study astronomy?.




YOUNG BOY: I can´t believe you haven’t studied astronomy!.  You have lost half of your life. Have you been to Alexandria?.


WISE MAN: Oh yes, Alexandria is the most beautiful city I have ever seen, with its amazing architecture!. The harbor is magnificent… and the lighthouse which  was identified as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!.


YOUNG BOY: I see that you have been to Alexandria, but did you study at Alexandria Library?.




YOUNG BOY: But… how is that possible?.  You have lost half of your life!


NARRATOR: Then the wiseman saw that sea water was entering the ship through a hole.


WISE MAN: You have studied in many places, right?.


YOUNG BOY: Oh yes.  I studied my masters degree in Paris.  Then I traveled all around the world.  I have visited and studied at every mayor library there is in Europe.  I even gave a conference at Harvard University.  I  even speak four languages!.


WISE MAN:  Did you learn how to swim in one of those great places?.


YOUNG BOY: Well, let me see… I took Geometry, Bussiness Administration, Psychology, Physics, mmmmm, what else…. Oh yes… Economics, Genetics, Robotics… but… no, I didn`t learn how to swim.


NARRATOR: Then the wise man pulled up his pants and his sleeves, and got ready to jump off board, and said.


WISE MAN: Well, you have lost your whole life.




Author:  Arabic Story

Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

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