The Three Stones

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a man crossing the Arabian Desert.



MAN: I have been traveling for so long that I need to find a place to rest.



NARRATOR: Suddenly, he saw a cave, and when he entered  he found an old man inside.



OLD MAN: Come in, and rest for a while.



MAN: Thank you, good man, it`s been a long day.



OLD MAN: Where are you going?.



MAN: I want to cross the desert.



OLD MAN: It will be hard. Do you know that?.



MAN: Yes, I do. It`s been hard already.



OLD MAN: Let me give you an advice.  To cross the desert, you will need three things.



MAN: What three things?.



OLD MAN: Take these three stones.



NARRATOR: The man took the three stones.



MAN: They are beautiful. Is this a Topaz?.



OLD MAN: Yes, it is. Topaz means faith. It`s yellow like the desert sand.



MAN: What about the other two?.



OLD MAN: This is an Emerald, and it means hope. It is green like palm leaves.



MAN: I like the red one.



OLD MAN: This is a Ruby, and it means charity. It`s red like the sun of the west. You should always walk to the south where you will find an oasis.  There you will be happy. But don`t ever loose the stones!.



MAN: What if I loose them?.



OLD MAN: You will not reach your destiny.



MAN: I appreciate your gift, and I will do as you say.I will leave tomorrow morning.



NARRATOR: Next day, the man started his journey again. He traveled miles and miles in his camel throught the desert, and one day he thought.



MAN: What if that old man tricked me?. What if there isn`t the oasis he promised me?. This desert seems endless!.



NARRATOR: Then he felt something falling from his pocket.



MAN: The topaz!. I have to pick it up. No, I have to trust in what the old man said. I will keep walking.



NARRATOR: After a few days, weather harshness had weaken him. He was about to give up, when again he felt something falling from his pocket. It was the emerald stone, and he thought.



MAN: I have to be strong and calm down. Maybe the oasis is near. I have to keep traveling, if not, I´m sure I will die.



NARRATOR: So he kept on walking until he found a water puddle near a palm tree. He was about to get into the water when he looked at the camel’s eyes.



MAN: Oh, you are also thirsty. Come here, drink some water. I can still resist.



NARRATOR: The camel drank some water, and suddenly he died.



MAN: What`s wrong!. Oh I see, the water is poisoned!.



NARRATOR: Then he saw something sparkling in the sand. It was the ruby.



MAN: I have to pick it up.



NARRATOR: Then he looked up to the sky.



MAN: Thank you God, for keeping me alive.



NARRATOR: While he was looking up to the sky he saw some palm trees.



MAN: The oasis!. I have to go there!.



NARRATOR: When he reached the oasis he found the old man near the clean water.



OLD MAN: You have reached the oasis because you have kept the three precious stones. Faith, Hope, and Charity. If you hadn`t kept them, you would be dead by now!.



MAN: Thank you for giving me the stones, they kept me safe.



OLD MAN: Always keep these three stones in your heart, and when the time comes to leave this world, your will get to paradise. Don`t ever loose them.



NARRATOR: And suddenly the old man disappeared.






Author: Arabian Folktale



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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