Frau Trude

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BLACK MAN, GREEN MAN, RED MAN –  (no dialogues)






(Claire´s mother is in the garden watering the plants, the little girl approaches her)



CLAIRE: Have you seen my coat, mother?.



MOTHER: It´s in your closet.  Where are you going?.



CLAIRE: I´m going to see Frau Trude.



MOTHER: What!.



CLAIRE: I said I´m going to see the Frau Trude!.



MOTHER: Get inside the house right now.  You are not going anywhere!.



CLAIRE: Ha, ha, ha, sure I am!.



MOTHER: Do as I say!.



CLAIRE: No, I won´t!.  I have heard so much about Frau Trude that I want  to meet her.



MOTHER: You don´t know what are you talking about!.



CLAIRE: Yes I do!.   People say she is a wonderful old woman, and that she has many marvelous things in her house, and I really want to see them.



(Father enters)



FATHER: What´s going on here?.  Why are you yelling?.



MOTHER: She´s going to that old witch´s house!.  She wants to meet Frau Trude!.



FATHER: I won´t let you go!.  Go to your room!,






MOTHER: Listen to me Claire.  She is an evil old woman who does wicked things.



CLAIRE: I know that she has magical powers, that is why I want to meet her!.



FATHER: I said no!.  Get inside the house!.



CLAIRE: No!.  Stay away from me!.



(Claire runs away from her parents and goes into the woods)



MOTHER: Claire!.  Claire!.  Come back here!.



FATHER: It´s too late.  I just hope she returns safe home.  Come on, let´s get inside the house.



(They leave. Claire is in the woods looking back at her house)



CLAIRE: At least they didn´t follow me!.  Now, I have to find the witch´s house.



(She sees a man dressed in black standing in the middle of the road.  When he sees her, he hides behind the bushes)



CLAIRE: I think I am allucinating.  I better hurry up, it´s getting dark.



(She keeps walking for a few minutes, then she sees Fraud Trude’s house)



CLAIRE:  That must be the house.  It´s so old!.



(While she´s approaching the house, there´s a green man standing beside the door, the man looks at her, runs away and hides behind a tree.  She looks through the window,  then she knocks at the door.  She hears a sweet voice coming from inside the house)



FRAU TRUDE: Come in.  I was expecting you, Claire.



(Claire pushes the door and enters.  Fraud Trude is sitting in a rocking chair in front of the chimney)



CLAIRE: How did you know I was coming?.



FRAU TRUDE: Never mind that.  Close the door, dear.



(Claire closes the door)



FRAU TRUDE: Don´t stand there.  Come and sit over here. (Claire sits on a chair in front of the chimney) You look so pale.  Are you afraid?.



CLAIRE:  No, of course not. (she looks back at the door) I just saw a green man, and I really got scared.






CLAIRE: When I was about to knock, he was standing beside the door.



FRAU TRUDE: Ha, ha, ha, that must have been a hunter.  Don´t worry!.



CLAIRE: I also saw a man dressed in black, and I was terrified!.



FRAU TRUDE: That must have been a miner.  There no reason to be scared.



(Frau Trude stands and gets near Claire)



CLAIRE:  Oh, I also was scared by another man. He was all red.   Yes, it was a red man!.



FRAU TRUDE: Ha, ha, ha.   A red man?.   That must have been the butcher!. (Claire stands and gets near the chimeney) What else did you see?.



CLAIRE: Well, before I knocked, I looked through the window and I saw….



FRAU TRUDE: Yes, darling.  What did you see?.



CLAIRE: I saw a horrible beast, right here,  where I´m standing right now!.



FRAU TRUDE: Ha, ha, ha, ha.



(Frau Trude transforms herself into a horrible witch changing her voice tone.  Claire gets scared and covers her face with her hands)



CLAIRE: Oh No!.  No!.



FRAU TRUDE: Don´t be afraid, Claire.  The horrible beast you saw, was me!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  The real me!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.  But don´t worry. I have been waiting for you for a long, long time.



CLAIRE: Get away from me!.



(Claire tries to get away but the Frau Trude grabs her by the hand)



FRAU TRUDE: You were the one who came looking for me!.



CLAIRE: I want to go home!.



FRAU TRUDE: It´s too late!.  They warned you not to come… and you did anyway!  Oh, poor girl… if you had only obeyed your parents…  Ha, ha, ha, ha!



CLAIRE: Let me go!



(Claire tries to get off the witch, but she can´t)



FRAU TRUDE: Now you will give me light!.



(Frau Trude stretches her left hand and casts a spell on Claire)



FRAU TRUDE: Avramare Clock Hood!.  Turn Claire into a block of wood!. (Clairs turns into a block of wood.  She picks it up and throws it into the chimney, then she sits in the rocking chair) Ha, ha, ha, ha . How bright the block made the fire!.  It hasn´t burned like this for a long time.  It feels so warm.  Now my powers will get stronger!.  Ha, ha, ha, ha.






or:  Brothers Grimm



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Obedience.  Respect


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