Treasure Mountain

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was an fairy who lived inside a mountain which was full of gold, silver, and precious stones.


FAIRY: Oh, I’m so bored in this place!.  I wish I could go out into the world and see the sun, the lakes , rivers, and the flowers.  But that’s impossible.  I have to stay here, underground taking care of all these rubies, diamonds, and emeralds.


NARRATOR: One day she heard a noise coming from outside the mountain. Some people were making a hole to get inside.


FAIRY: They are coming to steal my treasure!.  Men are greedy and ambitious!.  I will help them get in, and I will even give them some of my treasure.


NARRATOR: The fairy used her magic to open up a hole, and a few minutes later three sweaty, dirty, and tired men entered the treasure mountain.


MAN 1: Where are we?. I can’t see anything!.


MAN 2: Me neither!.


MAN 3: Where’s that bright light coming from?. I can’t even open my eyes!.


NARRATOR: Finally, the three men could open their eyes.


MAN 1, 2, AND 3: This is wonderful!.


MAN 1: Come o, everything is ours!.


FAIRY: Stop where you are!.


MAN 2: Who are you?.


FAIRY: I live here. you don’t have to take anything.  I give it to you.


MAN 3: Are you sure?.


FAIRY: Yes, take everything you want.


MAN 1: Thank you good fairy!.


MAN 2: I’ll fill my pockets with all these precious stones!.


MAN 3: You are so kind.


FAIRY: Don’t say anything more, just take whatever you want to, and leave.


NARRATOR: The three men took everything they could, and left the mountain feeling satisfied. One day, one of them came back to the mountain.


FAIRY: What did you come back?.  Didn’t you have enough?. Is it possible that you don’t have anything I gave you?.


MAN 1: Oh, yes I do.  I have everything you gave me.  In fact, I hid the treasure in a safe place, not even my son knows where it is.


FAIRY: You’re so greedy!. You were not capable of sharing your treasure with anybody, not even your son. Get away from here, I will not give you more!.


MAN 1: No, listen to me, please.


FAIRY: Get out!.


NARRATOR: The man left, and after a few months another man came back to the mountain.


FAIRY: What do you want?.


MAN 2: Please, help me!.  I have lost everything you gave me. I don’t have a single precious stone.


FAIRY: What did you do with all the treasure I gave you?.


MAN 2: I used it to get to know people better. Money makes people betray each other, even an honest man can turn disrespectful and dishonest!.


FAIRY: So you used the treasure to turn people against each other, and you dare to come and ask for more. I don’t want to see you anymore.  get out!.


NARRATOR: The man left,  and a few months later the third man came back to the mountain.


FAIRY: Now it’s you!.  I won’t give you anything.  Get away from here!.


MAN 3: I don’t want anything else from you. I just came to give you back some of the treasure you gave me. I don’t want to be rich!.


FAIRY: You don’t want to be a wealthy man?.


MAN 3: No.


FAIRY: why?.


MAN 3: Because money doesn’t make me happy. People came to me just because I was rich.  They were not sincere.  They were not my true friends.


FAIRY: Oh, surely wealth is not a good thing!.  Go back to your own world. You are poor once again and you can now live in peace.


NARRATOR: The man left, and she forgot her dream of going out into the world. She forgot about the sun, the lakes, the rivers, and the flowers.


FAIRY: I prefer to stay here, in my underground world with my treasure.  Men don’t understand that wealth doesn’t bring happiness. Wealth can also bring misfortune.




Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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