The Goose Girl

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was an old Queen who had a beautiful daughter. When the princess grew up she was betrothed to a prince who lived in a faraway kingdom.


PRINCESS: Mother, do I have to do this?.


QUEEN:  Yes, my dear daughter, I gave the prince my word that you would marry him.


PRINCESS:  But, I want to stay here with you.


QUEEN:  I am old, and I will soon be gone. Now, take these jewels and precious stones with you.


PRINCESS:  I can’t take them.  They are yours.


QUEEN:  They were a gift from your father, and now they belong to you.


PRINCESS:  Very well, mother.


QUEEN: Oh wait, I have something else for you.


NARRATOR:  The Queen took a pair of scissors and cut a lock of her hair


PRINCESS:  What are you doing, mother!.


QUEEN:   Dear daughter, preserve this carefully, it will be of service to you on your way.  Now, put it inside your pocket.


PRINCESS:  Thank you, mother, I will.


QUEEN:  I don’t want you to go alone, so the maid is going with you.  Is Falada your horse ready?.


PRINCESS:  Yes mother, we are ready to go now.


QUEEN:  Remember, that Falada is loyal to me, and I’m sure that he will tell me everything that happens to you.


PRINCESS:  Yes, I know mother, don’t worry, I will be fine.


NARRATOR:   The Queen and her daughter went outside of the palace where the maid and the horses were waiting.


PRINCESS:  Let’s go, maid.


MAID:  As you order, princess.


QUEEN:  Good-bye, then.


PRINCESS:  Good-bye, mother.


NARRATOR:  The princess and the maid mounted their horses, and left the palace.  After many hours of traveling, the princess was thirsty, and said to her maid.


PRINCESS:  Please dismount, and bring me some water from the stream.


MAID:  If you are thirsty, my dear princess, get off your horse yourself, and lie down and drink out of the water. I am not your servant.


NARRATOR:   The  princess got off her horse, she  bent down over the water in the stream and drank.  Suddenly the lock of hair, which had magical powers said.


LOCK OF HAIR:  Poor princess!.  If only your mother knew, her heart would break.


NARRATOR:  But the King’s daughter was humble, said nothing, and mounted her horse again. After three more hours of traveling, she was thirsty once again, and when they came to a stream of water, she said to her maid.


PRINCESS:  Please dismount, and bring me some water from the stream.


MAID:  If you are thirsty, my dear princess, get off your horse yourself, and lie down and drink out of the water. I am not your servant.


NARRATOR:   The  princess got off her horse, she bent down over the water in the stream and drank.  Then the lock of hair said.


LOCK OF HAIR:  If only your mother knew, her heart would break.  The maid is not obedient, but be careful princess!.   Don’t bend so much, Oh,  I am falling to the river!.


NARRATOR:  The lock of hair fell out of her pocket, and floated away with the water.  Then the maid said.


MAID:  Ha, ha, ha!.   Now you are weak and powerless!.  From now on, I give the orders, and you must obey me!.  Now, take off your dress and give it to me, and you will wear mine.  I am now the Princess!. Promise me that you will not tell anybody about this, or you will regret it!.


PRINCESS:  I promise!.


NARRATOR:  The maid wore the princess´s dress and mounted her horse, Falada, and the true bride the bad horse.  Finally, they arrived to the royal palace.  The Prince went to meet them.


PRINCE:  Welcome to my palace, dear princess!.


MAID:  I am so happy to be here!.


PRINCE:  Who is this girl?.


MAID:  She is my maid.  She is my companion,  but I don’t like her.   I was wondering, Prince, if you have some work for her.


PRINCE:  Well, I don´t have any work for her, but I have a little boy named Conrad, who takes care of the geese.  She may help him.


MAID:  Oh, and Prince, I need another favor, please, get rid of the horse on which I rode here.


PRINCE:  Why?.  It seems a nice horse.


PRINCESS:  But it isn’t!.  I almost died on the road because of him!.


NARRATOR:  In fact, the maid knows that Falada, the horse, can speak, and it might tell how she behaved with the real princess.


PRINCE:  I have to tell my father about this.  I will let you know his decision.


MAID:  Thank you!.


NARRATOR:  Next day the prince told the king about the horse, but he disagreed, and the horse was locked in a place where nobody could see him again.   Next day the maid went to see the Princess.


MAID:  Ha, ha, ha, you will never see your beloved horse again.  Ha, ha, ha, ha!.


PRINCESS:  What did you do to him?.  Please, tell me!.


MAID:  Let’s say that he just vanished!.


PRINCESS:  Oh, please no!.


MAID:  Well, my intention was to get rid of him forever, but he ‘s in a place where  you will never see him or talk to him again.


PRINCESS:  Why are you doing this to me?.


MAID:  Keep working or I will tell the prince to get rid of you too!.


NARRATOR:  The maid left, and the princess started crying.  Suddenly an old man approached her, and said.


OLD MAN:  Don’t worry, I know where your horse is.  Meet me here tonight, and I will take you to where they keep him.


PRINCESS:  Oh, thank you good man.


OLD MAN:  I’ll meet you here at midnight.  Don’t be late.


PRINCESS:  Oh, I won’t.


OLD MAN:  Good-bye.


PRINCESS:  Good-bye, and thank you once again.


NARRATOR:  But Conrad was hiding behind a bush, and listened to the whole conversation, and he thought.


CONRAD:  Mmmm, this sounds interesting, I will also be here, and maybe just maybe, the king will know about this too.


NARRATOR:  That night the old man took the princess to see the horse.  Conrad was hiding behind them.


OLD MAN:  Here we are.  Now, you have to be careful.


PRINCESS:  I will.


OLD MAN:  I have to go now.


NARRATOR:  The old man left, and the princess went inside the place where her horse was.  Conrad followed her.  As soon as she saw the horse she said.


PRINCESS:  Oh, poor Falada!.  What have they done to you?.


FALADA:  My poor princess, you are also suffering. If only your mother knew, her heart would break.


NARRATOR:  Conrad was asthonished when he saw that the horse could speak.


CONRAD: Oh my!.  Am I crazy?.  The horse can talk!.  I must tell the King!.  But, will he believe me?.  I don’t know, I have to think about it.


NARRATOR:  While he was thinking about this, the princess left.  Next morning everything was normal as usual.


PRINCESS:  Good morning, Conrad.


CONRAD:  Good morning.  Did you sleep well?.


PRINCESS: Yes, I did.  What about you?.


CONRAD:  Well, I had a nightmare, but I hope it doesn’t happen again.


NARRATOR:  While they were talking, the princess started combing her hair, which was like pure gold.  Conrad wanted to pluck out a few hairs. Then she said.


PRINCESS:  Conrad, stop bothering me.  Leave my hair alone!.


CONRAD:  But, your hair is blond.  Do you want to me to braid your hair?.


PRINCESS:  No, stop it, Conrad!.


CONRAD:  But I want some of your hair!.


PRINCESS:  Leave me alone! . Blow, blow, gentle wind, I say, blow Conrad’s little hat away, and make him chase it here and there, until I have braided all my hair.


NARRATOR:  And there came such a violent wind that it blew Conrad’s hat far away across country, and he was forced to run after it.


PRINCESS: Ha, ha, ha, ha, it’s so funny!.


NARRATOR:  When he came back she had finished combing her hair.


PRINCESS:  Conrad, don’t be angry at me, please.


CONRAD:  It’s enough.  I am leaving.


PRINCESS:  Conrad, don’t go!.


NARRATOR:  But Conrad left, and went straight to see the King.


CONRAD:  Your majesty, I don’t want to be near that girl again.  I am scared!.


KING:  She is just an innocent girl.  How can a big man like you be afraid of her?.


CONRAD: No, your majesty, I think she is a witch.  A very bad witch!.


KING:  A witch?. You shoud have told me that in the first place.  Come on, tell me everything.


CONRAD:  Well, see your majesty… the other day I….


NARRATOR:  Conrad told the King everything he knew about the princess and her horse, and about the way the wind blew his hat.


KING:  Go home now Conrad, I will take care of everything .


CONRAD:  Thank your majesty.


NARRATOR:  Next day the king hid near the place where Falada was, and he waited until the Princess came to see the horse.


PRINCESS:  Good morning, my dear Falada.


FALADA:  Good morning, my dear Princess.  If only your mother knew, her heart would break.


NARRATOR:  The king heard the conversation, but he also saw how Conrad bothered the Princess and how the wind blew his hat.  Then, without being seen, he went away.  Next day, he asked to talk to the princess.


PRINCESS:  Do you want to talk to me?.


KING:  Yes, please tell me, is there something bothering you.  I mean, I have been watching you, and I know that there is something wrong.  You can trust me.


PRINCESS:  Oh, your majesty, I am sorry, but I can´t tell you anything.  I promised that I would not tell my sorrows to any human being.


KING:  Very well then, I will leave you alone, and you can tell your sorrows to these walls.  I am leaving.


NARRATOR:  And he went away.  Then the Princess emptied her whole heart.


PRINCESS:  Oh, walls, old walls.  I am the princess, and she is the maid, who will marry the king.  Oh, bricks bricks, she is bad.  One day she will be the queen and I will soon die.  And tomorrow I will have to keep taking care of the geese.


NARRATOR:  The king, however, was standing outside  the door and was listening to what she said.  Then he came back again, and said.


KING:  My dear child.  I knew there was something wrong with that woman. Your maid deserves to be punished.  She betrayed you!.  She will be locked in jail forever.  And my son, the prince, will marry you, the real princess.


PRINCESS:  Oh, king,  thank you!


KING:  And now dear, let’s get everything ready for your wedding.  The first thing you will need, is your royal garments.


PRINCESS:  What about my horse?.


KING:  Don’t worry about him.  He will be free, and you will see him soon.


PRINCESS:  Thank you!.


NARRATOR:  Next day the wedding was celebrated at the palace. There was a great feast, all the people and all good friends were invited, and the royal couple lived happily forever.




Author:  Brothers Grimm


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


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