Snow White

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Snow White













Snow White


Dwarf 1

Dwarf 2

Dwarf 3

Dwarf 4

Dwarf 5

Dwarf 6

Dwarf 7

Old Woman







Scene I – In the Forest



(Snow White and the Hunter walk in the forest. )



Snow White: Where are you taking me?  Look… it´s getting dark, and this forest is far away from the palace.  I want to go back!



Hunter: No, dear …we need to keep looking for an apple tree.



Snow White: But, I´m tired…  I can´t keep walking anymore!  And then… we have to go back.



Hunter: Come on, don´t be lazy.  We are almost there.


(The Hunter takes Snow White’s hand)



Snow White: Why are you shaking?



Hunter: It´s just that….



Snow White: What´s wrong?  You look worried.



Hunter: It´s nothing.  It´s just that I promised…. I promised…. Oh, you´re a nice person… please forgive me for what I’m going to do.



Snow White: What are you going to do? … Oh, don’t tell me!  Did you promise to hurt me?  To whom?



Hunter: Yes!  I promised that I would get rid of you forever.



Snow White: Why?  I haven´t done anything wrong to you.



Hunter: Not to me, but you did to the Queen… to your own stepmother!



Snow White: Oh No!  I knew it!  She doesn´t like me!  But.. tell me more.


(They stop walking)



Hunter: I can´t do it!  I just can´t!…  Stay here and don´t go back, maybe someone will help you.



Snow White: Are you sure?  Am I free?



Hunter: Yes!  I will tell the Queen that you died.


(Snow White hugs the Hunter)



Snow White: Oh, thank you… thank you!  Now go back, before the Queen sends someone looking for you.



Hunter: Good-bye… and don´t be afraid.



Snow White: I told you it was getting dark, and I am afraid of wolves!



Hunter: Don´t worry, you are not in Little Red Riding Hood Story.



Snow White: What are you going to tell the Queen?



Hunter: I´ll think about it.  Go now!



Snow White: Thank you, good-bye!



(Snow White starts to run.  She sits under a tree and falls asleep.  Some dwarves pass by talking and laughing, and they see  her)



Dwarf 1: Oh, look at her hair!



Dwarf 2: It´s hair, not gold!


Dwarf 1: I didn’t say gold!



Dwarf 3: Did you say gold?



Dwarf 4: It´s gold!  gold!



Dwarf 5: Shh, you are going to wake her up!



Dwarf 6: She´s alive!



Dwarf 7: She´s so beautiful!



Dwarf 1: We can´t leave her here!



Dwarf 2: But… why is she here?



Dwarf 3: Maybe she doesn´t have a home… or maybe she got lost!



Dwarf 4: It´s Gretel!



Dwarf 5: Ha, ha, ha…. Gretel is another story, you fool!, besides, she was with her brother Hansel… remember?



(Snow White wakes up)



Snow White: Who are you?



( The Seven Dwarves talk at the same time)



Snow White: No!  No!… I don´t understand!  Speak one at a time!



Dwarf 1: We



Dwarf 2: Are



Dwarf 3: The



Dwarf 4: Seven



Dwarf 5: Duarves



Dwarf 6: We are



Dwarf 7: Honest and hardworkers.



Dwarves: Who are you?  What are you doing here?



Snow White: I am a poor girl, and I am looking for a job.



Dwarf 1: Do you know how to cook?



Snow White: Yes, I do.



Dwarf 2: Do you know how to sew?



Snow White: Yes, I do.



Dwarf 3: Do you know how to sing?



Snow White: Yes, I do.



Dwarf 4: And how to dance?



Snow White: Just a little.



(the dwarves  start to dance)



Dwarf 5: Stop it!



Dwarf 6: Come on…let´s go home!


(They take Snow White by the hand and leave)


Scene II -At  the Dwarves House


(Snow White and the dwarves sit around the table.  They eat breakfast )




Dwarf 1: The cheesecake is not very good.



Dwarf 2: The soup needs some salt, too.



Dwarf 3: Don´t forget to clean the windows.



Dwarf 4: And  mop the floor.



Dwarf 5: And make the beds.



Dwarf 6: And iron our shirts.



Dwarf 7: Leave her alone!



Snow White: It´s getting late, you have to go to work, and I have a lot of things to do!



Dwarf 1: Don´t forget to lock the door.



Snow White: Yes… yes, I know …  I will not open the door to anybody, just you!


Dwarf 1: Let’s go!



(The Seven Dwarves stand up, they wave good-bye, and leave. Snow White starts to wash the dishes.  She hears someone shouting)



Old Woman: Apples for sale!  Apples for sale! You will not find these red and delicious apples in any other forest!



Snow White: Apples!  I haven´t tasted an apple in a long, long time!



(Snow White opens the door)



Snow White: Old woman!  Old woman!



Old Woman: Are you talking to me?


(Snow White looks to the sides)



Snow White: Yes, you are the only old woman I see  around here.




Narrator: What do you want, pretty girl?



Snow White: I want an apple.  I like them so much!



Old Woman: Sure….Oh, it´s so hot!  Can I have a glass of  water?



Snow White: Sure, come in.



(The Old Woman enters the house)



Old Woman: Since you are being so kind to me… I will give you the most beautiful and sweetest apple I have.



( The Old Woman gives Snow White an apple.  Snow White takes the apple, she smells it, and then gives the old woman the glass of water)



Snow White: Oh, it smells so good!



Narrator: Eat it… it’s delicious!



Snow White: Thank you.



(Snow White bites the apple)



Snow White: Oh, it´s a little bit sour… you said they were sweet apples.



Old Woman: And they are…. Eat it… eat it.



Snow White: Oh, I am not feeling very well… I´m dying…



(Snow White falls  to the floor.  The Old Woman throws angrily the glass of water to the floor)



Old Woman: At last!  Now my mirror will not tell me anymore that there´s someone else more beautiful than me!   That hunter lied to me…. Oh, I would like to see those dwarves face when they find her… ha, ha, ha, ha!



(The old woman leaves the house.  The dwarves enter)



Dwarf 1: Why is the door open?



Dwarf 2: Look, Snow White is lying on the floor!


(The Dwarves kneel down.)



Dwarf 3: Snow White, what happened!



Dwarf 4: (shaking her) Wake-up!




Dwarf 5: She’s not responding!



Dwarf 6: What are we going to do?



Dwarf 7: Let´s cry.



Dwarf 1: Yes, in these cases we are supposed to cry.



Dwarf 2: It´s true, let´s cry!



(The Dwarves start to cry)



Dwarf 3: Stop it!  We have to think what to do!  Where are we going to bury her?




Dwarf 4: We are not going to bury her.  We will take her to the cave that´s in the mountain.



Dwarf 5: She will be surrounded by flowers, trees, and the little birds will sing beautiful songs to her.



Dwarf 6: Meanwhile, let´s cry!



(They  start to cry once again.  They pick her up and leave)


Scene III – In the Cave


(Snow White  lies on a table in the middle of the room.  A prince enters)




Prince: Oh, I finally found a place to rest!  I hope there aren´t any wild animals in here.  I hope there were angeles living in this cave!



(He sits on a rock and covers his eyes with his hands.  He takes his hands off his face and  he sees Snow White)



Prince: Oh my God!  I was talking about angels, and there´s one in here!  Who is she? What is she doing in this cave?  Why is she lying there?



(He stands up and approaches her.  He looks at her carefully)



Prince: She is sleeping!   Those are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!Well…even if they are closed… they are beautiful!  Who is this lady who has captivated my heart?  She should be my Queen!  My throne, is her throne!  I have to wake her up!



(The Prince touches her .  She doesn’t wake up)



Prince: My lady, wake up!



(He touches her again. She doesn’t wake up)



Prince: She doesn´t wake up!



(he touches her again)





Prince: She´s cold…she´s dead!  Oh, poor me!  I fell in love with a dead girl.  This is not possible!  Why did this beauty had to die, the same day that I found her?



(The Prince shakes her.  He tries to wake her up)



Prince: Wake up my Queen!  Wake up!



(Snow White opens  her eyes.  She stands up and coughs)



Prince: I knew you were sleeping!


(Snow White looks at the Prince.  He takes her by the hand)



Snow White: Who are you?  What are you doing here?



Prince: I am the prince… I mean, I was the prince, now I am your slave.



Snow White: You are a true gentleman….what are you doing here?



Prince: I was hunting, but I was tired, so I came into this cave to rest for a while… and then I saw you!  But tell me…why were you sleeping in this lonely cave?



Snow White: I was not sleeping.  I was dead.



Prince: Dead?



Snow White: Yes, I ate a poisoned apple.



Prince: A poisoned apple?



Snow White: Are you Echo?



Prince: Echo?



Snow White: Yes! … Echo and Narcissus… anyway… my stepmother gave me a poisoned apple.  But I think it got stuck in my throat, and when you shook me up, it went out!



Prince: Oh, I am sorry!



Snow White: You are sorry?  You saved my life!



Prince: Will you be my Queen?



Snow White: I don´t know what to say.



(The Dwarves enter)



Dwarves: Snow White!  You’re alive!



Prince: Snow White?



Snow White:  Yes, my name is Snow White.



Prince: Will you marry me, Snow White?



Snow White: Oh, Yes, I will.



(Snow White and the Prince hug)




The End




Author:  Brothers Grimm



Adapted by K I D S I N C O



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