It Can Be Too Late

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FATHER  – Harry’s Father

MOTHER – Harry’s Mother


JANE – Harry’s Wife





 ACT 1


(Harry is discussing with his father at their home)


HARRY:  You don´t understand, Dad!.


FATHER:  You are the one who doesn´t understand.  In fact, you don´t know anything!.


HARRY:  You always want to be right!.


FATHER:  You don´t care what I think or what I say.


HARRY:  You never listen to me… I definitely can´t talk to you.


FATHER:  Ha, ha, ha … now it´s all my fault… well, if you don´t like it, then leave! … the door is wide open!.  But, if  you get out of that door, don´t ever come back! .


HARRY:  Perfect, it´s fine with me.


FATHER:  I don´t want to listen to you anymore!.


HARRY:  I am leaving this house right now!.


(Harry and his father get out of stage)




(Five years later.  In a classroom at the university)


TEACHER:  Good afternoon.  How is everybody?.


STUDENTS:  Good afternoon.


TEACHER:  Well… you know that I normally don´t like to assign homework for the weekend, but since next week I will not be able to attend class… I will give you a special assignment.  You should look for or try to find someone you love, and tell that person that you love him or her.  Remember… that person has to be someone you haven´t told you love him or her in a very long time.


STUDENTS:  That´s easy!.


TEACHER:  See you next week.


(The Teacher and the Students leave the stage)


 ACT 3


(At Harry´s home.  He is in the dining room drinking a cup of coffee.  His Wife enter the stage)


JANE:  What´s wrong?.


HARRY:  It´s just that the teacher gave us a special assignment.


JANE:  What is it about?.


HARRY:  We have to tell someone that we love him or her… but it has to be someone we haven´t seen in a long time.


JANE:  And what is the problem?.  It doesn´t seem difficult.


HARRY:  It´s just that… it´s so personal… and then I thought that I know who I should need to tell that I love him.


JANE:  It´s your father… right?.


HARRY:  Yes… and do you know what?… I have decided to visit him tomorrow, and I will tell him that I love him.


 (Jane stands up and hugs him.  He cries)


  ACT 4


 (At his parent´s home.  His Mother is in the living room.  Harry enters)  


 MOTHER:  (stands up, hugs him, and cries) Oh, Harry!.


 HARRY:  What´s wrong, mom?.


 MOTHER:  It´s your father.  He´s at the hospital… he is very sick.


 HARRY:  I want to see him…let’s go to the hospital!.


 (They get out of the stage)




 (At the hospital. Harry and his mother are talking to the doctor)


MOTHER:  Doctor, how’s my husband doing?.  They brought him here about two hours ago.


HARRY:  I am his son, please, tell us how he is.


DOCTOR:  To tell you the truth, he is in a very serious condition.  He suffered a heart attack.


HARRY:  Can we see him?.


DOCTOR:  Just for a few minutes, and only one person is allowed to go in.


HARRY:  You go see him, mother.   I´ll wait here.



(Harry’s mother leaves the stage. Harry starts to cry)


HARRY:  Please God.  Save my father, I don´t want him to die… please… give me an opportunity to tell him how much I love him, please.


(His mother enters the stage)



MOTHER:  I’m sorry Harry, but your father just died (she  hugs him and they cry).


 ACT 6


 (Harry is at his house in the dining room.  He is reading a letter in silence..  The audience hears the voice of his father)


To My Dear HARRY:

I don´t know where I will be when you receive this letter.  You are my HARRY, and I have always loved you.  I am really sorry that our relationship was not very good. But that belongs to the past.  Please forgive my mistakes, being a father is not an easy task.  Forgive me for not trying to talk to you, and instead of that, I wrote you this letter.  But, please understand that I didn´t have the courage to tell you how I feel.  I never told you this before, but dear HARRY… I love you.

Just remember… I never wanted to make you suffer.


Your Father


 (He folds the letter)


HARRY:  Oh dad, it´s so sad… all these years I let go by… our pride was stronger than our love for each other.  I promise you, dad, that I will not let this happen to my son… I will always tell him that I love him.  I love you dad!.




AUTHOR:  Unknown




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