Half Blanket

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NARRATOR:  Mr. Jonas was very old when his wife died.  For many years he worked hard for his family, and he spent all his money in his son´s education.  One day, he was feeling sad and lonely, and he thought.



JONAS: I want to see my son, but I know that he is very busy right now. I hope he comes tomorrow.


NARRATOR:  But his son never came to see him, so he decided to visit him.



JONAS´S SON: Dad, what a nice surprise!.



JONAS: You know that I don´t like to bother you, but I feel lonely… I am tired and old.



JONAS´S SON: My wife and I are happy that you came to see us.  You know that my home, is your home.  You are always welcome here!.



JONAS: Thank you, son, I knew I could count on you. Can I stay here with you?. I feel so lonely.



JONAS´ S SON: Do you mean… that you want to stay here with us… I mean, to live here?…. sure… but I don´t think you are going to like being here. You know that my house is very small… my wife is so special…. And then… the kids…



JONAS: Look son, If I bother you, then forget it. Don´t worry about me, someone else might help me.



JONAS´S SON: No father, is not that… it´s just that I don´t know where can you sleep. Everybody here has their own room, my kids won´t forgive me if they have to get out of their room… would you mind sleeping in the garden?.



JONAS: In the garden?. That´s fine with me.



NARRATOR:  Mr. Jonas´ son called his 12-year old son, Charles.



JONAS´S SON: Charles, please, come here quickly!.



CHARLES:  Did you call me, father?.



JONAS´S SON: Look son, your grandfather is staying to live here with us. Bring him a blanket.



CHARLES:  Yes father, but… where is he going to sleep?.



JONAS´ S SON: He will sleep on the bench in the garden, he doesn´t want to bother us.



CHARLES:  Mmm, well… if you say so … I`ll bring the blanket.



JONAS´S SON: Don`t take too long, your grandfather is tired, and he needs to rest.



CHARLES:  Sure, dad.


NARRATOR:  Charles went upstairs to bring a blanket.  He took a pair of scissors and cut the blanket in half.  Then his father came into the room.



JONAS´S SON: What are you doing, Charles?.  Why are you cutting the blanket in half?.



CHARLES:  Well, I was thinking…



JONAS´S SON: What were you thinking?.


CHARLES:  That I am going to put away the other half.



JONAS´ S SON: What for?.


CHARLES:  So that you can use it when you are old, and you go to live in my house … just like my grandfather.



JONAS: Oh, you have just thought me a lesson!. Oh Charles, what was I thinking?.



NARRATOR:  At that moment, Mr. Jonas´s Son thought about what he was doing to his father.  He arranged a room for him, and he lived happy with his son´s family for many years until he died.




Author:  Old Irish Folk Tale.


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


Moral:  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Respect others.

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