George Gets Swine Flu

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MRS. KLEIN  (George`s mother)












(George´s mother is in the kitchen preparing breakfast.  George is in his bedroom lying in his bed)



MRS. KLEIN:  George, your breakfast is ready!. George!. (there is no answer) George!.  You better hurry up!.  It`s getting late!.  George! (there is no answer.  After a few minutes she goes to see George.  She enters his bedroom) You are not ready!.



GEORGE: Oh, mom, I don`t feel good.



MRS. KLEIN: What`s wrong?. (she approaches George and touches his forehead) Oh,  I think you have a temperature!.



GEORGE: My head hurts a lot, and I have a sore throat.



MRS. KLEIN: Maybe you have a cold. (she gets out from stage and comes back with a thermometer.  She puts it under his arm and waits a few minutes.  After a while she reads it) Oh, my God!.  You have a 102!.  Let`s go to the hospital!.



(She picks up George and both get out of stage)






(George is lying in a hospital bed.  His Mother and a Doctor are standing beside his bed. The Doctor is writing something in a notepad.   George is coughing)



MRS. KLEIN: How is he, doctor?.



DOCTOR: I`m waiting for the results. But,tell me Mrs. Klein, did you notice any other symptoms?.



MRS. KLEIN: Well, last night he told me he felt tired and he didn`t want to have dinner.



DOCTOR: What else?.



MRS. KLEIN: I also noticed that he had a little diarrhea.



(The Nurse enters.  She has the results)



NURSE: I have the results.



DOCTOR: Oh, good.



(The Nurse gives the results to the doctor. He reads them)



MRS. KLEIN: What`s wrong doctor?.



DOCTOR: Mmmm, come to my office, we need to talk.  Nurse, please stay with the child.  We will be right back.



NURSE: Yes, doctor.



(Mrs. Klein and the doctor get out of stage)






(The Doctor is sitting at his desk.  Mrs. Klein is sitting in front of him)



MRS. KLEIN: Well, doctor?.



DOCTOR: I´m afraid your son has Swine Flu.



MRS. KLEIN: What`s Swine Flu?.  I`ve never heard of that.



DOCTOR: Let me explain it to you.  Swine Flu, Swine Influenza, or Human Influenza, is a respiratory disease highly contagious.



MRS. KLEIN: Contagious?.  Do you mean that someone infected my son?.



DOCTOR: I don`t know, but the disease spreads through coughing or sneezing of people who may have the virus, or through touching something with the virus on it.



MRS. KLEIN: But where did he get it?.



DOCTOR: It might have been in school, at church, at the stadium, in the park, anywhere where there are many people gathered.



MRS. KLEIN: Is there a vaccine or some medication that can cure him?.



DOCTOR: Fortunately there are medications that can cure him.  Especially in your case, because you brought him on time. 



MRS. KLEIN: Do you mean that if I have waited more time something might had happened to him?



DOCTOR: Probably, there could had been complications, but that is not your case.



MRS. KLEIN  So, what`s the next step?.



DOCTOR: In a few minutes we will give him the appropriate medications for his illness.  I just need your approval to do it.



MRS.KLEIN: There is no problem.  Where do I sign?



(The Doctor gives her some paper to sign.  She signs the papers)



DOCTOR: Once he is on treatment, please go home and keep him inside until he is completely well.



MRS. KLEIN:  What about us?.



DOCTOR: I suggest that all of you stay home, the time that is necessary.



MRS.KLEIN: What else should we do?.



DOCTOR:  Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after your cough and sneeze.  If you cough or sneeze use disposable tissues, put them in a plastic bag, and throw them in the trash.  Also it`s very important to keep your house clean and well ventilated.



MRS. KLEIN: What about if I have to go out?.



DOCTOR: Then, you should avoid kissing other people and hand shaking, and wear a face mask.



MRS. KLEIN: What about food?.  What kind of food should we eat?.



DOCTOR:  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that have vitamin C.



MRS. KLEIN:  Should we avoid pork products?.



DOCTOR:  Swine flu can`t be spread through pork products, since the virus is not transmitted through food. If you follow my recommendations, George will be fine in about five days.



MRS. KLEIN: Oh, thank your doctor.



DOCTOR:  Just follow my instructions, and come back in three more days or before if he doesn`t feel well.



(They stand and leave the stage)






(The Nurse is giving George some medicine)



DOCTOR: Don`t worry Mrs. Klein, he will be fine.



MRS. KLEIN:  hank your doctor.







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