The Little Bunnies Go Shopping

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NARRATOR:  It was almost Spring and all the little bunnies in the bunny family were getting ready to go shopping.



MRS. BUNNY:  Hurry up.  Breakfast is ready.



BUNNY 1:  Yes, mommy!.



BUNNY 2:  Mom, I can’t find my shoes!.



MRS. BUNNY:  They are under your bed!.



BUNNY 3:  Mommy, where’s my green shirt?.



MRS. BUNNY:  It’s in the closet.



BUNNY 1, 2, 3:  Mommy, helps us get dressed!.



NARRATOR:  Mrs. Bunny helped all the little bunnies get dressed. 



MRS. BUNNY:  Now go to the kitchen and have breakfast.  I made those delicious carrot cupcakes you love.



BUNNY 1, 2, 3:  Yes, Mommy!.



NARRATOR:  When they finished their breakfast, Mrs. Bunny said.



MRS. BUNNY: Get in the car, we’re going to the mall.



BUNNY 1, 2, 3:  Yeah!.



BUNNY 1:  I’m very happy!.



BUNNY 2:  Me too!.  I like to go to the mall!.



BUNNY 3:  Mom, will you buy me an Easter Basket?.



MRS. BUNNY:  Yes, I will, but only if you behave.



NARRATOR: They finally got to the mall.  Since they were very excited, they made a lot of noise.



MRS. BUNNY:  Be quiet!.  You are making a lot of noise, and I am getting a headache!.



NARRATOR:  But the bunnies were running and jumping in the mall.



MRS. BUNNY:  You will not get your Easter Basket!.



BUNNY 1:  Oh no!.



BUNNY 2:  We will be good, mommy!.



BUNNY 3:  Yes, we promise!.



NARRATOR:  The little bunnies were very good in the mall.  So Mrs. Bunny bought each one of them an Easter Basket.



BUNNY 1, 2,3:  Thank you, mommy!.



BUNNY 1:  Look at all the candies I have!.



BUNNY 2:  Look at the colorful eggs mine has!.



BUNNY 3:  Wow!. Mine has the toy I always wanted!.



MRS. BUNNY:  Would you like a strawberry ice cream?.



BUNNY 1,2,3:  Yes!.



NARRATOR:  The little bunnies had an ice cream cone before they left the mall.



MRS. BUNNY:  Let’s go home now, your father must be waiting for us.



BUNNY 1, 2, 3:  Thank you mommy,for a wonderful day at the mall!.






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