Fortune and The Greedy Man

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was an old man who always carried a big bag on his shoulders. Every day he would walk through the city streets begging for help. One day he thought.



OLD MAN: Rich men are never satisfied. They want more and more money!.  They want to own the whole world!. Oh, if I only had what`s necessary to live, like food and clothes, I would be satisfied.



NARRATOR: At that moment, Fortune was passing by. He saw the old man and said.



FORTUNE: I have heard what you just said, and I want to help you. Open your bag.



OLD MAN: What for?.



FORTUNE: I am going to give you gold coins, but on one condition. You will get to keep all the coins that get into your bag. But the ones that fall to the ground, will become dust. Do you understand?.



OLD MAN: Yes, I understand.



FORTUNE: Then be careful. Your bag is too old, and it get torn easily. Don`t carry too many coins.



NARRATOR: The old man immediately opened the bag, and a bunch of gold coins fell inside. Now the bag was very heavy.



FORTUNE: Isn`t it enough?.



OLD MAN: No!. No!.



FORTUNE: Aren`t you afraid that the bag might get torn?.



OLD MAN: No, it won`t.



NARRATOR: The old man`s hands started to shake.



OLD MAN: There`s room for more!.



FORTUNE: But you are now the richest man in the world.



OLD MAN: No!. No!. I want more!.



NARRATOR: Some of the gold coins fell to the ground, and then the bag broke and all the treasure fell to the ground and the coins became dust.



FORTUNE: It wasn`t enough, right?.  Good-bye.



OLD MAN: No!. No!. Stay and give me more!.



NARRATOR: But Fortune left.



OLD MAN: Now, I´m as poor as I was before.







Adapted by: K I D S I N C O based on a popular folktale.




Moral: If you’re too greedy you end up with nothing




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