Fearless John

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NARRATOR:  In a far away land there lived King Daniel The Great.  He was worried because his daughter didn´t want to get married.  One night he decided to talk to her.


KING:  Just give me a good reason, that´s all I am asking for.


PRINCESS:  I already told you father.  Please, don´t insist.


KING:  You have to understand my position.


NARRATOR:  The King looked through the palace window.


KING:  Look at all this!.  I rule this kingdom.  All this belongs to you!.


PRINCESS:  I know father, but I don´t like anybody here.  I can´t just marry any man!.


KING: There are very nice men in the kingdom.  There are some noblemen, rich men, and wise men.  What do you want then?.


PRINCESS:  The man I choose to be my husband has to be special.


KING:  In what way?.


PRINCESS:  Let me put it this way, father, I want to marry the bravest man in the kingdom.


KING:  What?.  What about all the men that have fought for this kingdom?.  Aren´t they brave enough for you?.


PRINCESS:  No, they aren’t, father.  I want the treasure hidden inside the enchanted castle.


KING:  Oh, so you don´t think you are rich enough. Is that it?.  You are not satisfied with what I give you.  You want more, that´s why this kingdom is not enough for you!.


PRINCESS:  No, father, you are wrong.  I don´t want the treasure. I only want the man who can bring it to me. The man who is brave enough to enter that castle. The man who dares to go inside.  The man who can fight whatever is inside that place.  I just want that man!.


KING:  But, that´s impossible.  Nobody dares to enter that castle.  People say there are horrible ghosts and terrible witches.


PRINCESS:  There must be someone who can do it.  If you want me to get married, then do something!.


KING:  Well, let me talk to my advisors. I´ll see you in the morning.


PRINCESS:  Good night, father.


KING:  Good night, darling.


NARRATOR:  That same night the King talked to his advisors.


KING:  Think, think, think!


ADVISOR 1:  But your highness, nobody will go to that castle.


ADVISOR 2:  And you know it!.


ADVISOR 3:  Which means…


KING:  That there are no brave men in my kingdom.


ADIVSOR 1:  I think we should tell the truth.


ADVISOR 2:  Yes, let´s tell your people that the princess will marry the bravest man in the country.


NARRATOR:  Next day they spread the news.  And the King waited, and waited, and waited, until one day a young man named Fearless John, asked to see the king.


FEARLESS JOHN: Yor majesty, I know that you are looking for the bravest man in this kingdom.


KING:  It is true. Do you know someone who would wants to go to that castle?.  Do you know someone brave and strong?.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Yes, your majesty.  It´s me. I will bring the treasure.


KING:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, you are a dreamer.  You are short and thin, and you look weak!.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Your majesty, they call me Fearless John because I am not afraid of anything.


KING:  It´s hard to believe. I think you should think about it.


FEARLESS JOHN:  I have nothing to think about.  I will go to the castle tonight.


KING:  It´s up to you, then just bring me the treasure, and my daughter will marry you.


NARRATOR:  That same night Fearless John went to the enchanted castle, the place where no one dared to go. 


FEARLESS JOHN:  It´s so dark in here, dirty, and there are spider webs everywhere.


NARRATOR:  Suddenly he saw a ghost.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Hello, Mr. Ghost.


NARRATOR:  The ghost went straight to the dining room, and Fearless John followed him.  But before entering the room, he heard a loud noise.  Trash!.  Cuash!.  Mash!.  Fearless John turned around and said.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Do you think you scare me?.  You better stop that noise!.


NARRATOR:   The loud noise was made by a huge snake that was coming down the stairs.


FEARLESS JOHN:  I can´t waste my time with you, go back!.


NARRATOR:  The snake went upstairs, and Fearless John entered the dining room.  And in the center of the room, there was a big dining table, and there were two green witches with red lips, hands, and hair, and two ghosts with big ears.


GHOST 1:  Come here, Fearless John!.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Oh, so you know my name.


GHOST 2:  We know everything.  We also know why you are here.


WITCH 1:  Do you want to have dinner with us?.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Sure, I am really hungry!.


WITCH 2:  Would you like to taste our soup made of frog eyes, snake tongue, and lizard tail?.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Yes, it looks delicious!.


GHOST 1:  You are our guest of honor.


GHOST 2:  Sit down!.


NARRATOR: Fearless John sat at the table and enjoyed dinner.  When he finished eating he said.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Thank you for this wonderful dinner.  I feel very tired.  I am going upstairs to sleep. Oh, and please, don´t make a lot of noise. I really need to rest.


WITCH 1:  Have pleasant dreams, Fearless John.


WITCH 1, 2, AND GHOST 1, 2:  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


NARRATOR:  Fearless John went upstairs.  As soon as he found a bed, he went to sleep.  At midnight he felt the bed was moving, and he woke up.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Oh, this is fun!.  I am flying!.  This is the first time in my whole life that I sleep in a flying bed!.


NARRATOR:  Then the bed came down.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Oh, I was just having fun, anyway.


NARRATOR:  And he went to sleep once again.  Next day, when he woke up he was surrounded by ghosts and witches.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Good morning.  I feel better now, after a good night sleep!. What can I do for you?.


GHOST 1:  You are the first person who has treated us kindly.


GHOST 2:  That´s right.


WITCH 1:  You haven´t tried to harm us.


WITCH 2:  Or get rid of us.


GHOST 1:  We want to give you the treasure you came looking for.


GHOST 2:  Take this bag of gold coins.


WITCH 1:  And this box of precious jewels.


FEARLESS JOHN:  Oh, thank you very much!.


NARRATOR:  Then he hugged the witches and the ghosts.


FEARLESS JOHN:  I have to go now.


WITCH 2:  Good bye, Fearless John.


NARRATOR:  He left the enchanted castle and went straight to the king´s palace.  When he arrived he asked to see the king.


KING:  You are back!.


FEARLESS JOHN: Yes, your majesty, and I have the treasure with me.


KING:  I have to see it before I tell my daughter.


NARRATOR:  Fearless John showed the king the gold coins and the precious jewels.   The king was delighted.


KING:  Good!. My daughter will be here in a few minutes.  Guard!.


NARRATOR:  A guard entered the room.


KING:  Tell my daughter to come here immediately.


GUARD:  Yes, your majesty.


NARRATOR: After a few minutes the princess came into the room.


PRINCESS:  Did you want to talk to me?.


KING:  Yes.  This is Fearless John, and he brought the treasure from the enchanted castle.


NARRATOR:  The princess looked surprised, but at the same time satisfied.


PRINCESS:  Oh, thank you!.  I will keep my promise to marry the bravest man in the kingdom.


KING:  Tomorrow my people will know that my daughter will get married.


PRINCESS: Yes father, and please, give the treasure to the needy people.


KING:  I knew you wouldn`t dissappoint me. 


NARRATOR:  And Fearless John and the Princess had a magnificent wedding and were happy forever and ever.




Author:  Brothers Grimm


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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