The Chicken of the Golden Eggs

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a farmer who was very poor.  One day he was plowing the field and thought.


FARMER: I work too much,  and all for nothing!.  I am tired of coming here every day and just for a few cents.  I really have bad luck!.


NARRATOR: Suddenly an elf appeared.


FARMER: Oh my!.


ELF: Don’t be afraid.


FARMER: Who are you?.


ELF: I heard what you said, and today your luck will change.  Take this hen.


FARMER: Thank you, I am so hungry!.  I will cook it as soon as I get home.


ELF: No!.  This is a very special hen.


FARMER: What makes it so special?.  Does it talk?.


ELF: No, just listen to me!.  This hen is so wonderful that every day it lays a golden egg.


FARMER: A golden egg?.


NARRATOR: The elf didn’t answer, and he just disappeared.


FARMER: I hope it’s true.  I will go home right away.


NARRATOR: The farmer went home and immediately put the hen in  a cage.  Next day, as soon as he woke up, he went to the chicken house to see if the hen laid the golden egg.


FARMER: Oh, it is true!.  It’s an egg of solid gold!.


NARRATOR: He took the egg, went to town, and tried to sell it.  He stood in the middle of the street and shouted.


FARMER: Golden egg for sale!.  Golden egg for sale!.


NARRATOR: Soon, a crowd gathered around him amazed at the golden egg.


WOMAN 1: How much do you want?.


WOMAN 2: Is it really a golden egg?.


FARMER: Sure, it is!.


MAN 1: I want it!.


MAN 2: No, it’s mine!.


MAN 3: I’ll buy it!.  Sell it to me!.


FARMER: It’s yours then, and don’t worry, I will bring another one tomorrow.  There are enough for everybody!.


NARRATOR: The farmer sold the egg.  Next day. when he woke up he went straight to see if there was another golden egg.


FARMER: Good, another golden egg!.  I’ll sell it right away.


NARRATOR: And once again he went to town and sold the egg.  After that day, and every day, the hen gave him a beautiful golden egg.


FARMER: I am getting richer and richer every day.  I am the richest man in town!.  I have everything a man could want, but I wonder how I could get more eggs from my hen.


NARRATOR: As the farmer grew richer, he also became greedy and stingy.


FARMER: I want to have more and more money!.  I am tired of waiting every day just for one  golden egg.


NARRATOR: And he thought and thought.


FARMER: I am going to kill the hen and I’ll find the gold mine she has inside.   I will have all her treasure at once!.


NARRATOR: So he cut her open and found nothing at all.


FARMER: This can’t be!.  Where’s the gold mine?.  Where’s her treasure?.  Now I don’t have the hen and its golden eggs!.




Author:  Aesop Fable


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral:   Much wants more and loses all. People should be satisfied and grateful for what they have.


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