Mount Semsi

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there were two brothers; one was rich, the other was poor.



POOR BROTHER: Brother, please help me.  I can barely make a living as a grain dealer.



RICH BROTHER: I am sorry brother, but I can.´t  You know that things are hard for everybody.



POOR BROTHER: I know, but I thought that maybe you could give me at least some bread for my wife and children.



RICH BROTHER: Let me see what I can do, but in the meantime, you have to work harder.



NARRATOR: One day, when the poor one was pushing his cart through the forest, he saw a large bare mountain he had never seen before.



POOR BROTHER: Everyday I walk through the forest and I don`t remember seeing that mountain.



NARRATOR: While he was standing there he saw twelve tall wild men approaching.



POOR BROTHER: Who can they be?.  Maybe they are robbers, I better hide my cart in the bushes, and I will climb up that tree.  I hope they won`t see me.



NARRATOR: The Twelve Robbers approached to the mountain and said.



TWELVE ROBBERS: Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, open up.



NARRATOR: The barren mountain immediately separated down the middle. The Twelve Robbers walked into it, and as soon as they were inside it shut. A little while later it opened again, and the men came out carrying heavy sacks on their backs.



TWELVE ROBBERS: Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, close.



NARRATOR: Then the mountain went back together, and the entrance could no longer be seen. Then the Twelve Robbers went away.



POOR BROTHER: That was strange.  I have to go down and see what secret is hidden in the mountain.



NARRATOR: So he went up to it and said.



POOR BROTHER: Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, open up.



NARRATOR: When the mountain opened up, he went inside.



POOR MAN: I can`t believe my eyes.  This cavern is full of silver and gold!.  I have to keep looking. Oh, there are piles of pearls and sparkling jewels!.  What can I do?.  I wonder if I can take some of this treasure.  Well, anyway, I´ll only take some gold.



NARRATOR: When he was out of the cavern he said.



POOR BROTHER: Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, close.



NARRATOR: And the mountain closed. Then he went home with his cart.  When he was at home he told his wife Annete about what he found.



POOR BROTHER: Look!.  I found this in a cavern.



ANNETE: Oh, with this gold we can buy bread and food for our children.



POOR BROTHER: Yes, we can also help the poor people.  We can buy them clothes and give them food.



NARRATOR: When he ran out of gold , he went to his brother, borrowed a bushel, and took more gold from the cavern, but did not touch any of the most valuable things.



RICH BROTHER: This is impossible!.  Where is my brother getting all that gold from?.  Now he is a rich man!.  I have to know what he`s hiding.



NARRATOR: Then he thought of a trap.



RICH BROTHER: I will cover the bottom of the bushel with glue, that way I´ll find out what´s my brother’s secret.



NARRATOR: When he got the bushel back a gold coin was sticking to it.



RICH BROTHER: Aha!.  I knew he was hiding something from me.



NARRATOR: Then he went to talk to his brother.



NARRATOR: Tell me, brother, what have you been measuring in the bushel?.



POOR BROTHER: Wheat and barley, why?.



RICH BROTHER: Because I found this gold coin in the bottom of the bushel.  You have to tell me the truth, if not, I will take you to court.



POOR BROTHER: I am not doing anything wrong, but I will tell you the truth.



NARRATOR: Then the poor man then told him everything that had happened to him.



RICH BROTHER: I have to go to that cavern and see it with my own eyes.  And I hope you are not lying to me.



POOR BROTHER: It`s the truth, go and see it for yourself.



NARRATOR: So the rich brother went to the cavern.



RICH BROTHER: If my brother was telling me truth, I will take with me everything I find inside!.



NARRATOR: When he came to the mountain he cried out.



RICH BROTHER: Mount Semsi, Mount Semsi, open up.



NARRATOR: The mountain opened, and he went inside.



RICH BROTHER: Oh, this is wonderful!.  My brother told me the truth!.  I have to take everything I can, the gold, the silver, the pearls, the precious stones.  I hope everything can fit in the wagon.



NARRATOR: Finally, he took everything he could carry.



RICH BROTHER: This is enough, for now.  Mount Simeli, Mount Simeli, open up.



NARRATOR: But the mountain did not open up.



RICH BROTHER: What is happening?.  Why is the mountain closed?.  Mount Simeli, Mount Simeli, open up.



NARRATOR: But the mountain did not open up.



RICH BROTHER: Mmmm, I hope I am saying the right words.



NARRATOR: But those were not the right words, and the mountain remained closed.



RICH BROTHER: I feel confused.  I am sure that those were the words my brother told me.  Now, what am I going to do?  My brother is my only hope.  When he sees that I am not back, I am sure that he will come and get me, so I have to wait for him.



NARRATOR:  In the evening the mountain opened up, and the twelve robbers came inside.



TWELVE ROBBERS: Ha, ha, ha, ha  bird, we have you at last. Did you think we did not notice that you came here twice?. We could not catch you then, this third time you will not get out again.



RICH BROTHER: I wasn’t the one. It was my brother.



TWELVE ROBBERS: Sure, whatever you say!.



RICH BROTHER: Please, I beg you!.  It wasn`t me!.



TWELVE ROBBERS: Now, you will stay here for the rest of your life.



RICH BROTHER: No, please, please.



NARRATOR: And they left him inside the cavern forever.






Author:  Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O

German academics who were best known for publishing collections of folk tales and fairy tales, and for their work in linguistics.

Jacob Grimm : (1785 – 1863 – age 78)

Wilhelm Grimm : (1786 – 1859 – age 73)

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