King Arthur and the Witch

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NARRATOR: A long time ago, King Arthur of England was captured while he was hunting in a forbidden land.


SOLDIER: Stop!. You are not allowed to hunt in our land. Who gave you permission to do so?.




SOLDIER: Then you must come with us. We will take you to our king.


NARRATOR: When king Marcus saw him, he said.


KING MARCUS: You are an intrepid young man, but you must die because you violated our laws.


KING ARTHUR: Do what you have to do.


KING MARCUS: I can also see that you are strong of character, and I like that. I will forgive you on one condition.


KING ARTHUR: What is the price I have to pay for my life?.


KING MARCUS: I will give one year to find out the answer to a very difficult question.


KING ARTHUR: What question?.


KING MARCUS: I need to know what does a lady want?.


KING ARTHUR: That is an impossible question to answer. Not even the wisest man in my kingdom would have an answer to your question. But my life is worth it, I will give you the answer.


KING MARCUS: You are free to go now. And don´t forget, I´ll be waiting for you.


KING ARTHUR: I will come back.


NARRATOR: King Arthur returned to kis kingdom and started questioning everybody. The princess, the queen, the priests, the wisemen, but no one had an answer. Then he asked one of the maids.


MAID: Well, people say there´s a witch living in the deep forest. They say that she is very smart, but evil. Why don´t you go and ask her?.


KING ARTHUR: So, you are also telling me to go and see the witch, and I supposed you know her.  Maybe she has already given you one of her spells.


MAID: I don´t know what you mean.  Did somebody else tell you about her?.


KING ARTHUR: The princess, and the queen also suggested that I should see her.


MAID: Then you must do it.  Maybe she´s the only one that can help you. But I must tell you, that the price you will pay, will be high.


KING ARTHUR: If she has the answer, then I don´t care about the price.


MAID: Just don´t go alone, take your soldiers with you. She´s not a very pleasant person.


KING ARTHUR: I will. Thank you for your advice.


NARRATOR: That same night King Arthur went to the old witch´s house.When he was about to knock, the witch opened the door.


WITCH: I have been expecting you. I know that your time is running out.


KING ARTHUR: If you already know why I´m here, then tell me the answer.


WITCH: Are you willing to pay the price?.


KING ARTHUR: I will pay whatever I have to pay.


WITCH: Then I assume that you accept the deal.


KING ARTHUR: That´s right.


WITCH: Now, there´s no turning back.   I want to marry Gwain, your best friend.


KING ARTHUR: Are you out of your mind!. It makes me sick just to think of the idea of you marrying him!.


WITCH: You accepted the price.  Don’t you remember?.


KING ARTHUR: Have you seen yourself in a mirror?. You´re ugly!. You have only one tooth and you´re hunchbacked. You´re the most repulsive person I have ever seen.  How can I ask my best friend to sacrifice because of me?


WITCH: Talk to him.  I know that you will come back.


NARRATOR: King Arthur had no choice but to talk to his friend.


GWAIN: It´s not a sacrifice, you´re life is worth it.


KING ARTHUR: You are truly my best friend. I could never in my whole life pay you for what you are doing for me.


GWAIN: Tell her I accept and prepare everything. The wedding will be tomorrow.


NARRATOR: King Arthur returned to the witch´s house.


WITCH: I will be ready, tomorrow after the wedding you will have your answer.


NARRATOR: When the wedding papers were signed, the witch said.


WITCH: What a lady wants, is to be in charge of her own destiny.


NARRATOR: Everybody at the wedding was astonished, because they knew that it was true, and that King Arthur would now be safe. When King Marcus heard the news, he freed King Arthur. Meanwhile at the wedding Gwain was respectful and kind to the witch. But the guests, who were noblemen and maidens, had their own opinion.


MAIDEN 1: Look at the way she eats!.


MAIDEN 2: I feel ashamed just to look ate her.


MAIDEN 3: Why does she have to eat with her bare hands.


MAIDEN 4: If we have spoons!.


MAIDEN 1: Are you listening to the noise she does when she eats, or is it just my imagination?.


MAIDEN 2: Poor Gwain!. He´s so handsome!.


MAIDEN 3:  He is truly a good friend.


MAIDEN 4: Indeed he is.


NARRATOR: At that moment King Arthur decided that it was time for everybody to leave the couple alone, so everybody left. When Gwain was in his room, suddenly the door opened.


GWAIN: Who are you?.


WITCH: I am your wife.


GWAIN: My wife?. What kind of joke is this?.


WITCH: It´s not a joke.I t´s me, the old witch.


GWAIN: You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!. What happened to you?.


WITCH: You were kind to me.  So, half of the time I will be horrible, and the other half, I will be beautiful, as you see me right now.


GWAIN: I am speechless.


WITCH: You must decide which one do you prefer during the day, and which one at night.


GWAIN: Let me think… I will let you know my decision in a few hours.


WITCH: Call me when you are ready.


GWAIN: I will.


NARRATOR: When the witch left the room, Gwain went out to the forest near the castle just to think about what to do.


GWAIN: What should I do?.  I would surely want an adorable young lady during the day for everybody to see, especially my friends.   At night obviously I would like a beautiful girl and not a horrible witch.  Or should I prefer the opposite?.


NARRATOR: After a few minutes, Gwain took a decision, went back to the castle and straight to his room where his wife was already waiting.


WITCH: What is your answer?.


GWAIN: I will let you choose.


WITCH: Very well then.  I will be a beautiful lady during the day and also at night, because you have shown me respect and you are allowing me to be in charge of my own life.


NARRATOR: And they lived happily forever.




Author:  Popular Folktale


Adapted by K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Friendship.  Loyalty

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