God´s Cellular Phone

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a little boy named Brad, who had lost his mother recently. In School most of the time he felt sad and lonely, he didn´t want to eat or talk to his friends, and his grades lowered.



TEACHER: Come on Brad, it´s time to recess.



BRAD: Can I stay here in the classroom?.



TEACHER: No Brad, you need to eat. Come with me to the cafeteria.



BRAD: OK, but first I´ll go to wash my hands. I´ll meet you there.



TEACHER: Very well.



NARRATOR: The child instead of going to the cafeteria, he went to the playground, and he sat in a bench. There was no one there. As soon as he sat, he lowered his head to cry for his mother, and there it was a cell phone.



BRAD: What´s this?.



NARRATOR: He took the phone in his hands, and suddenly started ringing.



BRAD: It´s ringing. Should I answer?.



NARRATOR: The child answered the phone and he heard a familiar voice.



BRAD: Is that you mom?. I can´t believe it!.



MOTHER: Yes Brad, it´s me.



BRAD: This is impossible!. You have gone away. You left us alone.



MOTHER: I am sorry. I couldn´t avoid it. Jesus called me to heaven. He has seen you sad, and has given me permission to talk to you using his cell phone.



BRAD: Mom, I love you. My sister and I miss you so much!. My father is very sad and he´s talking about you all the time.



MOTHER: I know, and I miss you too.



BRAD: Mom, I want to be with you. I feel so lonely!.



MOTHER: It´s not time yet. You still have a lot of things to do for yourself, for your sister,  and for your father. I know that you are worried because you don´t know if I am happy, and because you think that I’m here all alone.



BRAD: Yes, mom. How did you know that I think about that every night before I pray and go to sleep?.



MOTHER: Dear son, I am not alone. I am here with your grandparents, and we are all very happy. We are only waiting for the day when you will come and be with us. Your small dog Pitt is also with us here.



BRAD: Mom, is God with you?.



MOTHER: Yes, He is always with us, and with everybody over there, taking care of you all the time.



BRAD: Mom, are you really fine?.



MOTHER: Yes son, don’t worry about me anymore, and don´t feel sad and lonely. I am always taking care of all of you. Even if you don´t see me, I will be in your heart and in your thoughts. That keeps me alive within you.



BRAD: Jolie and Dad will be happy when I tell them that I talked to you. I will give them this phone so they can talk to you.



MOM: Brad, don´t tell anybody about our conversation, they wouldn´t understand. This will be our secret.



BRAD: OK mom, this is our secret, but I will keep this cell phone so that you can call me again. I am very happy to hear your voice again, now I know for sure that you are with me and will always be.



MOM: I just want to ask you to be as you used to be, a happy boy. You have to study, and live your life. Love your sister and your dad.



BRAD: Yes, mom. Will you talk to be again sometime?.



MOM: No, my little boy. God only allows us to talk to you only once.



BRAD: Anyway, I will keep this cell phone in case you want to talk to me again.



MOM: This will be the last time you hear my voice, but remember what I told you. I will always be with you.



BRAD: I love you mom.



MOM: Me too. I have to go now. Good bye, my little boy.



BRAD: Good bye mon, and don´t forget about us. I love you!.



NARRATOR: Suddenly there was silence.



TEACHER: Brad, Brad! Wake-up!. Wake-up!. You have class!.



BRAD: Teacher!. I have to tell you something that just happened to me!.



NARRATOR: He put his hand in his pocket searching for the cell phone to show it to the teacher, but nothing was there. Then he remembered the promise he made to his mother about keeping the conversation as a secret. Then he understood that the phone disappeared because other people needed it.



TEACHER: What´s wrong?. What do you want to tell me?.



BRAD: No, it´s nothing. I just want to tell you that I know that my mother loves me.



NARRATOR: The teacher took Brad by the hand and took him to the classroom, while a tear ran through her cheeks.  From that day, Brad became the same kid he was before his mother passed away. Everyday he talked to his father and sister about how much his mother loved them. And he never told anybody about the conversation he had with his mother through God´s cell phone.






Author:  K I D S I N C O



Moral Value:  Love




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