Echo and Narcissus

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NARRATOR: Narcissus was the son of the river god Cephisus and the blue nymph Liriope  of  Thespia.



CEPHISUS: Tomorrow will be our son´s 16th. Birthday.


LIRIOPE: And he is so handsome!.


CEPHISUS: He inherited your beauty, your blond hair and your blue eyes.


LIRIOPE: I have heard that many beautiful nymphs are in love with him.


CEPHISUS: But he ignores all of them, and I don´t know why.


LIRIOPE: Do you think that what nymphs are saying about him is true?.


CEPHISUS: That he is arrogant? … of course not…


LIRIOPE: They are just jealous.


NARRATOR: But the story was different.  In fact, Narcissus didn´t pay attention to any nymph.  One day while he was sleeping in the forest, Echo saw him.


ECHO: (hiding behind a tree)  Oh he is so handsome!.  I am deeply in love with him.  I´ll just get closer to see his face.  It´s a shame I can´t talk to him.


NARRATOR: Echo knew that she couldn´t have a conversation with him.


ECHO: Why did Hera had to punish me like this?.  It´s not fair… just because I tricked her so that she wouldn`t catch Zeus trying to enchant other mountain nymphs.


NARRATOR: Echo had upset Hera, Zeus`s wife, and as a punishment Hera made Echo unable to speak except to repeat the last three words of the person she was talking to.


ECHO: Now is the time to get closer.


NARRATOR: But when she tried to approached him, Narcissus heard the noise and woke up.


NARCISSUS: Who is there?.


ECHO: Who is there?.


NARCISSUS: Who are you?.  Why are you here?.


ECHO: Are you here?.


NARCISSUS: Where are you?.  I can´t see you?.


ECHO: Can´t see you?.


NARCISSUS: I am tired of you.  I am leaving.


ECHO: I am leaving.


NARRATOR: And he left.  Echo was sad because that was not was she really wanted to say.  So she followed him.


NARCISSUS: Don´t follow me!.  You can´t even have a conversation.


NARRATOR: Echo was desperate.  She couldn´t tell him how much she loved him.


NARCISSUS: And stop crying.   I don´t even like you!.


NARRATOR: Echo stopped following him and stayed there, in the middle of the forest, crying, until she disappeared.  Aphrodite, the goddess of love saw what happened and decided to punish Narcissus.


APHRODITE: Oh, Narcissus.  You don´t like anybody, but yourself!.  You will have your punishment.  You will fall in love with someone you will never have…yourself!.


NARRATOR: While Narcissus was still running away from Echo he came to a pool of water.


NARCISSUS: I´ll wash my face in the pond.


NARRATOR: But when Narcissus saw his face in the water, he fell in love with his own reflection.


NARCISSUS: Who´s beautiful face is that?.  Is it me?.


NARRATOR: He then tried to touch his image.


NARCISSUS: The image disappears every time I touch it.  I have to stay here. I have to catch the image!.


NARRATOR: Narcissus had rejected Echo and many other nymphs,  now his own reflection rejected him.


NARCISSUS: I can´t stop watching my own beauty in the water!.


NARRATOR: And Narcissus stayed there, ecstatic and captivated , trying in vain to touch his beautiful and perfect reflection, until he died.


APHRODITE: Poor Narcissus.  You vanity and arrogance destroyed you.  But I feel sorry for you, so I will make a flower grow here in the lake.  And from now on, Narcissus flowers will be found growing wherever there is water and trees.




Author:  Greek Mythology


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


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Moral: Avoid having excessive appreciation, opinion, or belief of one’s own worth or virtue.  Excessive vanity and pride is contrary to humility.

Nymphs were lively spirits who lived near streams and lakes and protected trees in the forest.


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