The Honest Woodcutter

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a forest there lived a poor woodcutter who worked hard to support his family.



WOODCUTTER: Thank God I am healthy, and I can work to earn money to buy food for my family.



NARRATOR: One day he was cutting trees when he felt tired and decided to rest for a while.



WOODCUTTER: I´ll sit on the ground to rest for a few minutes.



NARRATOR: But when he was about to leave his ax on the floor, he stumbled with a rock an the ax fell into the river.



WOODCUTTER: Oh no!.  I lost my ax!. The river is so deep that I will not be able to get it!.  What am I going to do?.  How am I going to support my family?.



NARRATOR: Then he just stared helplessly into the water, when suddenly a beautiful lady emerged from the lake.



WOODCUTTER: Who are you?.



FAIRY: I am the fairy from the lake. I come out of the water when I hear a sad voice.  What is wrong?.



WOODCUTTER: I lost my ax.  It´s in the water.



FAIRY: I´ll get it for you.



NARRATOR: The fairy went inside the water and came out with a silver ax.



FAIRY: Is this your ax?.



NARRATOR: The woodcutter thought of all the things he could buy for his family if he sold that silver ax.  But it didn´t belong to him.



WOODCUTTER: No, mine has a wooden handle.



FAIRY: Let me get it, then.



NARRATOR: The fairy went again inside the water and came out with another ax.



FAIRY: Is this yours?.



WOODCUTTER: No!  That ax is made of gold.  It´s worth more than mine.



FAIRY: I´ll leave it here, and let me go again inside the water.



NARRATOR: When the fairy came out of the water, she had the woodcutter´s ax.



WOODCUTTER: Ah, that is my ax!. Without any doubt, that is my old ax!.



FAIRY: This is your ax, but you can also have the other two.  They are a gift from the river because you have told the truth.



WOODCUTTER: Oh, thank you!.



NARRATOR: And that night the woodcutter went home with his three axes.



WOODCUTTER: I am happy, now my family will have everything they need.






Author:  Jean de La Fontaine (July 8, 1621 – April 13, 1695) He was the most famous French fabulist and one of the most widely read French poets of the 17th century.



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Honesty



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