Theseus and the Minotaur

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NARRATOR: A long, long time ago, in a island called Crete, located in the mediterranean sea, there was a king named Minos.  One day he was talking with one of his servants.


MINOS: I am so happy here in my palace with my wife and my two daughters.


SERVANT: And you are very powerful.


MINOS: I try to be a fair king.


SERVANT: And you are, king Minos.


MINOS: Have you seen my daughters?.


SERVANT: Ariadne was in the garden this morning, and Phaedra is in her room.


NARRADOR:  Beneath the palace there was a labyrinth with many rooms and halls.  If someone entered,  they could never find their way out.  Also, there was a Minotaur living in the center of the maze.


MINOS: What about the minotaur?.  Where is he right now?.


SERVANT: He is in his room.  You know that he scares everybody here in the island and nobody wants to fight him.


MINOS: I know that, but I don´t care.   There is no one as strong as him in all my kingdom.


SERVANT: There are rumors that a ship is coming from Athens and that a man is coming here to fight with the minotaur.


MINOS: Do you know who is that man?.


SERVANTt: They call him Theseus.  They say that he is a strong and valiant prince.


MINOS: He will never get rid of the minotaur.  I wonder what made him think that he would.


SERVANT: Well, they say that he is decided to fight him.


MINOS: Let´s wait for him then.


NARRATOR: Next morning, Theseus arrived to the island and went straight to the palace.  Ariadne was in the garden as usual.


ARIADNE: Who are you?.  What are you doing here?.


THESEUS: I am Prince Theseus from Athens.  I came to kill the minotaur.


ARIADNE: Do you know that he is a terrible monster, and that he can not be defeated?


THESEUS: I sure can.


NARRATOR: At that moment Ariadne fell in love with him because he as a handsome and brave prince.


ARIADNE: I will help you to get rid of the minotaur.


THESEUS: And how can you help me?.  All I need is my determination and my force.


ARIADNE: You will need more that that.  Wait here, and I hope my father doesn´t see you.


THESEUS: Very well.


NARRATOR: After a while Ariadne came back with a magic sword and a ball of string.


ARIADNE: Take this sword and this ball of string.  When you enter the maze tie the string to the entrance door.  Unroll it as you move throught the maze, that way you can find your way back again.


THESEUS: And the sword?.


ARIADNEUse it to kill the Minotaur.


THESEUS: Thank you.


ARIADNE: Just be careful.


NARRATOR: Next morning, Theseus went to the labyrinth, he did as Ariadne told him, and started walking through the rooms and halls.


THESEUS: It´s so dark and silent in here.


NARRATOR: Suddenly, he heard a loud roar.


THESEUS: That must be the minotaur.  I can´t go back now even tough I want to escape.


NARRATOR: There he was, in the center of the maze, where the minotaur lived.


THESEUS: I finally found you!.


MINOTAUR: I have been waiting for you!.  You will never get out!.


THESEUS: We will see that!.


NARRATOR: Then they started fighting, but Theseus used the magic sword, and the minotaur disappeared.


THESEUS: Now the horror has ended.  I have to go back following the string Ariadne gave me.


NARRATOR: When he was out of the maze Ariadne was already waiting for him.


ARIADNE: Oh, Theseus, I was so afraid.


THESEUS: I did it!.  Now there can be peace in this island.  Would you like to go with me to Athens.


ARIADNE: Yes, take me with you!.


NARRATOR: And they left to Athens where they lived happy for many years.


The End


Author:  Greek Myth


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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In Greek mythology, the Minotaur is a monstrous double, sometimes with the head of a bull and the body of a man or, conversely, with the body of a bull and the head of a man.


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