The Three Magic Gifts

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Wizard doing a spell on a ball.


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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a very handsome and intelligent little boy, who having lost his mother, he was taken cared by his step-mother.


STEP-MOTHER: I don`t like this boy.  What can I do to get him leave this house?.  I don`t feed him, I don`t treat him well, and he is still here.


NARRATOR: Meanwhile the boy was sitting at the table.


LITTLE BOY: This bread is so hard!.  I have to go to the water fountain and soak it in water so that I can eat it.


NARRATOR: When he was at the water fountain soaking the bread an old man passed by.


OLD MAN: I am so hungry!.  Can you please give me a piece of your bread, little boy?.


LITTLE BOY: Sure, grandfather!.  It`s just that it is very hard, and I don`t have another one.


OLD MAN: I don`t mind.


NARRATOR: And the old man ate the bread.


OLD MAN: Thank you, son.  You just did a good deed, and you deserve a reward.  You should know that I am not a beggar, as it seems.  I am a very powerful wizard.  I will grant you three wishes.


NARRATOR: The little boy scratched his head and thought about what the man said.


LITTLE BOY: Well,  I have been thinking and I want these three things:  First, that everytime my step-mother looks at me, she must start laughing, and laughing, and laughing.    Second, I want a ball, that whenever I throw it, it will not stop bouncing. And third, a magic flute, that can make people dance.


OLD MAN: Your wishes have been granted.   Here you have your bouncing ball and your flute.


NARRATOR: Then the man disappeared, and the little boy went home.  He went straight to see his stepmother.


LITTLE BOY: Step-mother I just finished eating my bread.


STEP-MOTHER: Very …… ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha…. O my, I can´t stop laughing, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha


NARRATOR: And the more she looked at the boy, the more she laughed.


LITTLE BOY: Why are you laughing stepmother?.


STEP-MOTHER: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


LITTLE BOY: What is so funny?.


STEP-MOTHER: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


LITTLE BOY: I see that you don`t want to talk.  I will go to my room.  See you tomorrow.


STEP-MOTHER: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.


NARRATOR: And as soon as the boy left the room she stopped laughing.


STEP-MOTHER: What is wrong with me?.  I couldn`t stop laughing.


NARRATOR: And every time the boy came to see his step-mother, she would start laughing.  She couldn`t do anything.  She couldn’t cook, take care of the house, eat, and she couldn`t even sleep.  She could only laugh and laugh.


STEP-MOTHER: There must be someone who can help me!  I can`t go on like this.


NARRATOR: She asked the doctors for help, but none could find a cure.


STEP-MOTHER: The doctors gave me medicines, but they don´t help.  I wonder who can help me.  I know, I will go to the hill, people say that a magician lives there.  They say that he is very wise.


NARRATOR: So next day she went looking for the wise man.


WISE MAN: Mmm, you are under a spell.


STEP-MOTHER: I think it was him.


WISE MAN: Who`s him?.


STEP-MOTHER: My step-son.


WISE MAN: He put a a mysterious and magic spell on you.  Let me talk to him.


STEP-MOTHER: Right now he’s at the water fountain.


WISE MAN: You better go to your house, and I´ll go look for him.


STEP-MOTHER: See you later, then.


NARRATOR: And the wise man went to the water fountain where he found the little boy soaking his bread.


WISE MAN: Hello, young boy.


LITTLE BOY: Who are you?.


WISE MAN: I am someone who is trying to help your step-mother.


LITTLE BOY: What`s wrong with her?.


WISE MAN: You must know that she is not feeling very well lately.


LITTLE BOY: I didn`t know she was sick.


WISE MAN: Well, she is.  And I am sure that you know it.


LITTLE BOY: Excuse me?.


WISE MAN: Come on!.  I am tired of wasting my time with you.  Now tell me, right now, what did you do to her?.


LITTLE BOY: I didn`t do anything.


WISE MAN: Who did you talk to this last few days?.  What have you been doing?.  Tell me!.


LITTLE BOY: You ask too many questions, and I am also getting tired.  Do you see this ball?.


WISE MAN: Yes, why?.


NARRATOR: Then the boy threw the ball and it started bouncing and bouncing.


LITTLE BOY: If you get the ball and make it stop, I will tell you what you want to know.


NARRATOR: The wise man chased the ball throughout the field until he got lost along with the ball.  Since the wise man couldn`t get the information, the stepmother decided to take the little boy to the town judge.


JUDGE: What are the charges?.


STEP-MOTHER: He`s a wizard.


JUDGE: How do you know?.


STEP-MOTHER: Well, every time I look at him, I can`t stop laughing.


JUDGE: Mmmmm… I can see that, you can hardly talk.  Anyway, I am in a hurry. Boy, you have to stay in jail.


LITTLE BOY: Very well, but before going to jail I would like to play my flute.


JUDGE: Play it as long as you want.


NARRATOR: As soon as the little boy starting playing the flute, his step-mother, the jailmen, the judge, and everybody at the court started dancing and jumping as if they had a kind of spring attached to their feet.


STEP-MOTHER:  I an exhausted!. 


JUDGE:  I can´t go on like this!. 


JAILMAN:  Please have mercy, mercy!.


LITTLE BOY: Judge, if you promise me that I will be free and that you will keep me away from my step-mother, I will stop playing the flute.


JUDGE: I promise!.  I promise!.


NARRATOR: The boy stopped playing the flute, and suddenly everybody stopped dancing.


JUDGE: As for your step-mother, she will have to move to the farthest town away from you, and she will never return to this town.


LITTLE BOY: Oh, thank you!.


NARRATOR: And the little boy lived happily and in peace, and everybody considered him a powerful and wise person.




Author:  European Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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