The Sad Squirrel

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time  Sheyla and Joe went to the park with their parents.


MOM: Now that we have finished eating, I need a nap.


DAD: Me too.


JOE: Dad, mom… while you take a nap, Sheyla and I will go to watch the ducks in the lake.


DAD: Just be careful.


SHEYLA: We will!.


NARRATOR: When they were at the lake they saw a squirrel crying.


JOE AND SHEYLA: What´s wrong?.


SQUIRREL: I am so sad.


JOE: Why?.


SQUIRREL: I don´t like people.  When they come to the park they leave it so dirty!.  The other day I cut myself with a bottle they left under my tree.  And it hurt so much!.


SHEYLA: What can we do to help you?.


SQUIRREL: I have an idea!.


JOE AND SHEYLA: We are listening!.


SQUIRREL: Please, tell your friends at school that when they come for a picnic, to pick up everything.  And tell your parents to take care of the rivers and lakes, so that when you grow up and become moms and dads can have the opportunity of showing your kids squirrels, like me, but with no cuts in their feet.


NARRATOR: So Sheyla and Joe told their parents what had happened while they were at the lake.


 JOE: Come on Sheyla, before we go home, let´s pick up all the trash!.


SHEYLA: Yes, that way nobody will get hurt!.




Author:   K I D S I N C O


Moral Value: Respect for others and nature.   Gratitude


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