The Guest of Honor

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time in Turkey there was a man called Sebastián.  One day, the King invited him to a very important dinner party at the palace.


SEBASTIAN: I have been working all day in the field, but I feel good to know that tonight is the big party at the King’s palace.


NARRATOR: When it was getting dark he noticed that it was time to go.


SEBASTIAN: Oh, it’s too late go go home to take a shower and change my clothes.  I will just go to the party the way I am dressed.


NARRATOR: When he arrived to the palace everybody ignored him.  Nobody asked for his opinion, or talked to him.  Not even the King.


KING: (talking to a servant) Take Sebastian to the farest place of the room.  I don’t want him to sit with all my other guests.


SERVANT: Yes, my King.


NARRATOR: Sebastian noticed what his appearance had caused, so he decided to go home to take a shower and change.


SEBASTIAN: I will wear my best clothes.  My golden pants, the silk shirt, and the embroidered coat with red rubies.


NARRATOR: Then he went back to the party.


SERVANT: Please sir, come in.  You will sit beside the King.


SEBASTIAN: Thank you for your kindness.


NARRATOR: So he sat at the table beside the King, and this time everybody was taking to him and asking for his opinion.


SERVANT: Please sir, taste the food, everything is so delicious.


NARRATOR: but they were surprised to see that he was placing the food in his coat pockets.


SEBASTIAN: Eat, my dear coat, eat my dear coat.


KING: Why are you doing that?.


SEBASTIAN: I am feeding the Guest of Honor.


KING: Are you crazy?.


SEBASTIAN: No.  A while ago I came wearing my work clothes and nobody paid attention to me.


KING: So?.


SEBASTIAN: Now, that I am wearing this coat, everybody is being kind to me.  I am the same person, but the way you all treat me depends on the way I am dressed.  So, I think that my coat is the Guest of Honor.


KING: Oh, Sebastian, please forgive us.  Now we understand that we shouldn’t have treated you bad because of the way you were dressed.




Author: Turkish Folktale


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Tolerance, Respect


We should understand that we are all different.  We have different cultures, projects, and goals.  We should respect others for the way they are, and understand that not everybody is the way we want them to be. We should not judge others for their mistakes or for their social-economical condition.


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