The Greedy Sister

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JAIRO  (Uncle)

CYNTHIA  (good sister)


GENESIS  (greedy sister)





NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a man who had three nieces. They were Cynthia, Karla, and Genesis. The old man was very sick, and before dying he wanted to talk to the three of them.


JAIRO: Before I leave this world, I want to give each one of you a bag of gold coins.


CYNTHIA: Oh uncle, please don`t say that.


KARLA: Come on, Cynthia!.  We will be fine.


GENESIS: That`s for sure!.


NARRATOR:  A few days later the old man died, and as soon as he was buried, Karla went shopping.


KARLA: I´m so happy now. With all this money I will buy all those wonderful dresses I always wanted to have, and fine jewelry, and plenty of shoes!.  I will have so much fun!.


NARRATOR: While Karla was shopping, Genesis who was a greedy girl, put her gold coins inside a box.


GENESIS: I will not spend my money, I will keep it inside the box!.


NARRATOR: But Cynthia, who was not ambitious, spent her money helping orphan kids, the poor and the sick people.


CYNTHIA: There`s a lot of people who need help, and I like to help everybody.


NARRATOR: One day Karla didn`t have any money. So she went to talk to Genesis.


KARLA: Genesis, my dear sister, please help me. I haven`t eaten in days and I don`t have any money.


GENESIS: It´s your fault!.  You spent all your money in dresses, jewelry, and shoes.  Why don`t you eat all that stuff you bought?.


KARLA: Genesis how can you be so mean to me!.


GENESIS: Now it`s time for you to die of hunger!.


KARLA:  What am I going to do now?.


GENESIS: Come on, let’s see if Cynthia can help you.  Because I wont!.


KARLA: But Genesis, you still have all your money.  Why can’t you help me?.


GENESIS: Because it’s my money!.


NARRATOR: So Karla and Genesis went to see their other sister, Cynthia.


KARLA: Oh, sister,I don`t even have a piece of bread to eat. I beg you to please help me.


CYNTHIA: I will, dear sister.


NARRATOR: Cynthia opened her bag of coins.


CYNTHIA: Don’t worry Karla, I will give you three gold coins.


KARLA: Oh, thank you!.


NARRATOR: As Genesis was watching Cynthia’s bag of gold coins, she thought.


GENESIS: Cynthia is a fool.  Now she is also spending her money.  I know that one day she will come to me asking for help, and I will not give her anything!.  She should have kept her money just like I did!.


NARRATOR: But Cynthia kept helping people, her sister, and her poor friends.  One day, Genesis thought.


GENESIS: I wonder if Cynthia still has all her gold coins. Tomorrow when she goes out, I will take a look at her bag.


NARRATOR: Next day she took Cynthia’s bag, and she was surprised.


GENESIS: It`s impossible!. She still has all her money!. Oh, now I understand.   She stole my money!.


NARRATOR: Then she took out her bag from the box where she had put it, and opened it.


GENESIS: No!.  Where are my gold coins!.  I only have iron coins!.  Cynthia stole my money.  She stole my gold coins!.


NARRATOR: Then a fairy appearead and said.


FAIRY: Why are you accusing an innocent girl?.


GENESIS: Who are you?.


FAIRY: You must know, you evil creature, that you have been greedy.


GENESIS: I just wanted to keep my money for myself!.


FAIRY: Well, that is why your money disappeared; as well as all the money from people who like to throw it away, and spend it all.


GENESIS: You mean, like my sister Karla!.


FAIRY: Only the fortune of people who know how to spend it by helping others, is multiplied, and they keep it forever.


GENESIS: What about mine?.  I didn’t spend it!.


FAIRY: You’re right.  You wanted to keep it for yourself.   Isn’t that true?.


GENESIS: Yes, that’s true!


FAIRY: Well, your money isn’t worth anything.   So it’s yours, you will keep it in the box forever.


GENESIS: Oh no!.


NARRATOR: The fairy disappeared leaving Genesis crying over her iron coins.




Author:  Folktale from Spain


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral Value:  Love.  Generosity


What is Greedy?:  Excessively desirous of acquiring or possessing, especially wishing to possess more than what one needs or deserves.


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