The Fisherman

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a fisherman called Oscar.  He was a good husband who cared for his wife and children, but the money he earned was not enough to support his family. One day while he was fishing with a friend, he said.


OSCAR: I don`t know what is wrong. I haven`t caught a fish in ten days.


MARIO:  You`re a hardworker, and you know how to fish.


NARRATOR: One day King Max was passing by Oscar`s house, when he heard the children crying.


CHILDREN: Oh, father, we are hungry!


NARRATOR: So he knocked at the door.


OSCAR: Who is it?.


KING:  It`s the King.


NARRATOR: Oscar opened the door as fast as he could.


OSCAR: King, It`s a pleasure to have you in my home.  What can I do for you?.


KING: I heard children crying.  What is wrong?.


NARRATOR: Oscar told him about his situation.


KING: I want to help you.  From now on, every time  you catch something, bring it to my palace.  We will put it in a scale, and in the other side of the scale I will put the same weight in gold coins for you.


OSCAR: Oh, thank your majesty!.  I will work harder than ever, you will not be disappointed.


NARRATOR: So Oscar went to the sea for three long days, but he didn`t catch any fish. He threw the net, bit it was always empty.  Disappointed he returned home.  After leaving the boat in the deck, he thought.


OSCAR: I will throw the net one more time.


NARRATOR: When he picked up the net he saw a very delicate oak leaf inside the net.  His friend Sebastian was passing by and said.


SEBASTIAN: Take it to the King.


OSCAR: After all, it is all I caught.  I will go to the palace.


NARRATOR: When the King saw the leaf he started laughing.


KING: Ha, ha, ha, ha, my friend, this tiny leaf will make the scale to move just a little.


OSCAR: I will put it in the scale, and see what happens.


NARRATOR: Then Oscar put the leaf in the scale.


KING: What?.  It seems like a steel leaf.


NARRATOR: One of the guards started placing gold coins on the other side of the scale. He placed ninety coins to balance the weight with the oak leaf.


OSCAR: Now I will buy all my family needs!.  Thank you King.


NARRATOR: After Oscar left the palace the King thought to himself.


KING: I will keep the leaf and have the wisemen take a look at it.


NARRATOR: After a few days the wisemen said.


WISEMEN: We`re sorry your highness, but we can`t explain the mistery of the oak leaf.


NARRATOR: One night Oscar was at his home and remembered something that happened in his childhood, and said to his wife.


OSCAR: The other day I was thinking about the oak leaf, and I remembered that when I was 7 or 8 years old, a neighbor pulled out a small oak tree that started to grow in his land.


WIFE: And what happened then?.


OSCAR: Then I picked it up and planted it again in another place where nobody could harm it.


WIFE: Oh, now I understand.  I think that the oak tree is taking the opportunity to thank you for saving its life.


OSCAR: It may be, and I am also thankful.




Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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