The Haunted House

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“THE HAUNTED HOUSE” was sent to Kidsinco by Miss Xochitl, a fifth grade teacher.  Our playscripts are not for sale, and they many not be republished totally or partially in any other website, blog, or forum. If you want to share our scripts, please place a link to our site:


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NARRATOR: One day, Miss Xochitl, a Fifth Grade English Teacher, applied a surprised test to her students. After she finished grading the exams she thought.


MISS XOCHITL:  Oh, I can´t believe my eyes!. All my students passed the test. I will talk to them tomorrow morning.


NARRATOR:  So next morning, the teacher talked to her students about the test results.


MISS XOCHITL: Kids, I need to talk to you about yesterday´s test.


RAULITO: Oh, teacher, don´t tell us that we didn´t pass the test.


MISS XOCHITL: Well, as a matter of fact, you passed the test with excellent grades, and as a reward I decided to take all of you to Six Flags.


KIDS: Yeah!.


NARRATOR: So they decided to leave on Friday Morning. But after being on the road for two hours, their bus broke down in the middle of nowhere.


KIDS: Teacher, we are scared!.


MISS XOCHITL: Calm down everybody. We have to look for a place to stay.


FRAIRE: But teacher, there are no hotels here.


NARRATOR: The teacher decided to send some of the kids to look around for a place to stay for the night, while the others stayed in the bus. After five minutes of searching one of the kids returned to the bus to tell the others what he found.


ROMAN: As I was walking north, I found a beautiful house.


MISS XOCHITL: OK let´s go to that house. I hope we can stay there.


NARRATOR: When they arrived to the house, they looked through the window. The house was empty and the door was opened. So they decided to enter.


MISS XOCHITL: Wow, this house is beautiful!.


RAULITO: Teacher, let´s go upstairs and see the rooms.


MISS XOCHITL: Very well then, let´s go.


NARRATOR: They went upstairs, and as they were going into every room they noticed that in each one of them there was a skeleton.


MISS XOCHITL: This is strange, I wonder why every room has a skeleton.


FERNANDO: It doesn´t matter, we are hungry!.


KIDS: Yes, we are hungry.


MISS XOCHITL: I have to see where the kitchen is. Stay here and don´t go anywhere until I come back.


NARRATOR: After a while the kids heard a loud noise and they decided to go downstairs. When they went into the kitchen they noticied that Miss Xochitl was not there.


SABRINA: Miss Xochitl is not here.


FRAIRE: That´s strange. Where can she be?.


KIDS: She disappeared!.


SABRINA: Let´s not panic. I have an idea. The boys will go look for her to the basement, and we will go outside.


FERNANDO: OK, guys, follow me.


SABRINA: And you girls, follow me.


NARRATOR: When the girls went outside they saw a cemetery.


HEIDI: Hey girls, do you see that over there?


SABRINA: They look like graves.


GRECIA: They are graves!.


SABRINA: And something is coming out from one of them.


HEIDI: You mean from all of them!. They are ghosts!. Run everybody, run!.


NARRATOR: All the girls started running toward the house, and when Jaisiri looked back she didn´t see Sabrina, Grecia, and Belen.


JAISIRI: Heidi, run faster!. Take my hand!.


HEIDI: Where are the others?.


JAISIRI: I don´t know, keep running!.


NARRATOR: When they reached the house they went straight to the basement to tell the boys what had happened.


JAISIRI: Boys, where are you?. It´s so dark in here.


HEIDI: (walking behind Jaisiri) Don´t leave me.


JAISIRI: (shouting) Boys!. Are you there?.


FRAIRE: We are down here, watch your steps.


JAISIRI: Did you find Miss Xochitl?.


FRAIRE: No, but we found lots of spiders.


EDSON: They are so big that they look like dragons.


RAULITO: Dragons?.


JAIME: It is a dragon!.


FRAIRE: Roman!. Raul!. Let´s run!.


NARRATOR: Fraire, Roman, Raulito, and the girls started running up the stairs, while Fernando, Paco, Edson and Jaime stayed in the basement trying to catch the dragon. Meanwhile, uptstairs Jaisiri told the boys that the rest of the girls had also disappeared.


ROMAN: We have to the cemetery and find them.


NARRATOR: When they arrived to the cemetery they saw a tomb that got their attention.


RAULITO: This tomb looks strange.


ROMAN: Let´s try to open the grave.


NARRATOR: When the kids opened the grave they saw some stairs. They went inside and saw the girls inside a cage.


GRECIA, SABRINA, BELEN: Oh good, you found us!. Take us out of here fast.


JAISIRI: Hurry up, now we have to go back to house and help the others.


NARRATOR: So the kids went back to the house and down the basement. As they were going down the stairs Belen said.


BELEN: Are you there?.


EDSON: Yes, come down here. It´s safe now.


FRAIRE: Where´s the dragon?.


EDSON: Jaime caught it.


JAIME: I used a rope that was under the stairs.


FRAIRE: But how did you do it?.


EDSON: Well, I made noises to distract the dragon, and Jaime put the rope around his feet.


JAIME: It wasn´t easy, but I did it.


HEIDI: I am sorry to interrupt, but we have work to do. Let´s keep looking for Miss Xochitl.


NARRATOR: So all the kids went upstairs to look for their teacher.


ROMAN: I think we have to look for our teacher outside. We know that she is not here inside the house, so she must be somewhere outside.


FERNANDO: I agree, let´s go outside. But this time we all have to stay together.


NARRATOR: All the kids went outside and started looking and calling for their teacher.


SABRINA: It´s useless. She is not here either.


HEIDI: And we are near the cemetery again.


FERNANDO: I don´t want to scare you, but a grave is opening.


RAULITO: Someone is coming out from that grave. It seems like….


HEIDI: It´s a vampire!.  And he´s coming this way!.


FERNANDO: Everybody, take out your cameras and start shooting!.


NARRATOR: Since the kids were going to Six Flags all of them had cameras, so they started shooting pictures until the vampire disappeared with all the flashes.


PACO: (crying) sniff, sniff.


LIMON: Why are you crying?.


PACO: I am afraid of vampires.


LIMON: We are all afraid of vampires, but now we have to make a plan to find Miss Xochitl.


NARRATOR: As the kids where talking they heard a loud noise coming from the house.


LIMON: Did you hear that?.


BELEN: Yeah, let´s go back to house.


NARRATOR: When they boys arrived to the house they went straight upstairs. They searched in every room, and when they got to the last one they heard a strange noise coming out from the closet.


PACO: Who wants to open the door?.


FRAIRE: I will.


SABRINA: Be careful.


NARRATOR: When Fraire opened the door the teacher was lying on the floor.


KIDS: Teacher!. Wake up!.


MISS XOCHITL: Oh, what happened?.


FERNANDO: Let´s help her.


MISS XOCHITL: Oh I remember now. Kids, we have to leave this house, now!.


NARRATOR: Without asking any questions all the kids started running downstairs. As they were running a warewolf came out from nowhere and started chasing them.


KIDS: A warewolf!. Run faster!.


MISS XOCHITL: Hurry, we are almost out!.


LIMON: We made it!.


MISS XOCHITL: And it´s daylight.


NARRATOR: And the warewolf that was chasing them disappeared.


MISS XOCHITL: Oh, he vanished.


LIMON: Look!. The house is not there either.


MISS XOCHITL: It disappeared!.


BELEN: I can´t believe this is happening.


FERNANDO: Me neither


MISS XOCHITL: I know that this seems like a dream, but it isn´t, so let´s keep walking, I hope we find help soon.


NARRATOR: After a short walk they arrived to a small town, and headed directly to the police station, and told a police officer exactly what happened.


POLICE OFFICER: Mmm, your story seems strange to me, because that house burned many years ago.


MISS XOCHITL: But, we were there!.


POLICE OFFICER: What´s important is that you are safe. Let me get someone to help you with your bus.




NARRATOR: The bus was finally fixed and the kids went straight to Six Flags.


RAULITO: Wow, this is fun!.


FRAIRE: I know.. look, there´s a hunted house.


PACO:  Please, no more hunted houses!


MISS XOCHITL: You´re right Paco, we came here to have fun, so let´s have fun everybody!.


NARRATOR: And they did.




Author: Miss Xochitl and her Fifth Grade Students



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