The Magic Cooking Pot

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NARRATOR: Allison and her mother were very pòor. They lived in a small house, in a small town.


MOTHER: Oh, Allison. I am so sorry, but we don`t have any food.


ALLISON: Mother, don´t worry. I will go to the forest to look for food. Maybe I´ll find some nuts or berries for us.


NARRATOR: Allison went to the forest and searched for food. But she couldn´t find anything to eat. Then, she sat on a rock and began to cry.


ALLISON: What am I going to do?. I am so hungry!.


NARRATOR:  Suddenly, an old lady appeared beside her.


OLD WOMAN: I can help you, pretty girl.


ALLISON: Who are you?.


OLD WOMAN: That is not important. Take this.


ALLISON: What is it?.


OLD WOMAN: It´s a magic cooking pot. Go home and put it on the stove. Then you must say the words: Magic pot, cook, cook, cook!. The pot will then fill up with soup. Then you must say the words: Magic pot, stop, stop, stop! Then, and only then, the magic cooking pot will stop cooking.


ALLISON: Oh, I am so happy. Thank you so much!.


OLD WOMAN: Just don´t forget the magic words!.


ALLISON:  No, I wont!.


NARRATOR: Allison ran home and put the magic cooking pot in the stove.


MOTHER: Oh my dear daughter!. Tell me what you found.


ALLISON: Watch, Mother!. Magic pot, cook, cook, cook!.


MOTHER: This is wonderful. Look at all the soup.


NARRATOR: Allison and her mother started to eat until they were full.


ALLISON: Magic pot, stop, stop, stop.


NARRATOR: And the magic pot stop cooking. The next day, Allison went to visit her friend Dominike. While Allison was out, her mother got hungry and decided to make the pot cook.


MOTHER: Magic pot, cook, cook, cook!.


NARRATOR: And the pot started cooking. But her mother forgot how to make it stop.


MOTHER: Thanks pot, stop now.


NARRATOR: But it didn´t stop. Those were not the magic words. So the pot cook, and cook until the soup was all over the floor, out the door, and into the street.


MOTHER: Pot, stop!.


ALAN: Oh no!. What this?. A soup flood.


MOTHER: Help me!. Help me!. Someone, Help me!. Pot, stop cooking!.


NARRATOR: The soup reached Dominike`s house.


DOMINIKE: Allison, it´s your mother. She`s coming this way running and shouting. I think something happened.


MOTHER: Allison, help!. I can´t make stop the magic cooking pot.


NARRATOR: Everybody went to the house running through puddles of soup . The magic pot was still cooking and cooking.


DOMINIKE: Stop, pot!.


MOTHER: I don´t want anymore soup, pot!.


ALLISON: Wait!. Only I know what to do. Magic pot, stop, stop, stop.


NARRATOR: And the pot stopped cooking.


The End


Author:  European Folktale


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


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