The Magic Turquoise

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NARRATOR: Meme was a poor and old man.  One day while he was working his land he found a blue round turquoise.  It was so big that he couldn`t carry it.  So he put it inside his food basket and went home.  While he was walking, he found an old friend.


FRIEND: Where are you going Meme?.


MEME: I´m going home.  I am fortunate.  Today I found this turquoise.  I´ll give it to you if you give me your horse.


FRIEND: Are you out of your mind?. That stone is worth more than my horse.


MEME: Come on.  I`ll find something better.


NARRATOR: Meme`s friend accepted the offer.  He gave him his horse and Meme kept walking happily.  Then he found a man with a donkey.


MEME: Good day.  I give you my horse if you give me your donkey.


MAN: Are you feeling good, Meme?.  Your horse is worth more than my donkey.


MEME: Come on.  I´ll find something better.


NARRATOR: The man gave him his donkey and Meme kept walking happily.  Then he changed his donkey for a sheep, the sheep for a goat, and the goat for a rooster.  Then he found a singer who was singing the most beautiful song he had ever heard.


SINGER: Where are you going Meme.


MEME: I am going home.  Today it has been an extraordinary day.  I found a turquoise and exchange it for a horse.  Then I changed the horse por a donkey, the donkey for a sheep, the sheep for a goat, and this goat for a rooster.  And now I am listening to your song. If you teach me how to sing, I`ll give you my rooster.  In the same way I transformed a stone, you can transform it in whatever you want, or just keep it.


SINGER: I agree.  I will teach you the lyrics and the melody.


MEME: I know that I don´t sing very well, but I feel happy singing.  I will sing this song every morning when I wake up.  This song will give me energy to work everyday.  And I will sing it before I go to bed at night, it will calm me down.


SINGER: Now I will go away with my rooster, and I hope I can do wonderful things with this new companion.


NARRATOR: Meme finally got home.


MEME: I am home now.  I remember that shining magic turquoise I found.  Everything we find in life opens up new opportunities.  Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will try to find something even more beautiful.




Author:  Unknown


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


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