The Golden Swan

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NARRATOR: Once upon a time, there was a swan  that  had beautiful golden feathers. This swan lived in a pond. There was a house near the pond, where a poor woman lived with her two daughters. They were really poor and were leading a tough life. The swan knew  about their situation.


MOTHER: My dear daughters, I know this is hard for you.  We are having such a hard time, I am so sorry.


SWAN: If I give them some of my golden feathers, the mother could sell them and they could live a normal life.


NARRATOR: The swan flew away to the poor woman’s house.


MOTHER: Why have you come here?. We have nothing to offer you.


SWAN: I’m not here to take anything away.  I came to give you something.  I’m aware of your situation, so I will give you my golden feathers one by one and you can sell them.  With the money they give you, you can easily live in comfort.


NARRATOR: The swan shed one of her feathers and then flew away. This became a regular feature and from time to time, the swan came back and every time she left another feather.


MOTHER: We are living happy now, thanks to that swan´s feathers.


DAUGHTER 1: Yes mother, we live in confort.


MOTHER: But, what will happen to us if that swan flies away?.


DAUGHTER 2: The swan has been very good to us, mother.


MOTHER: Yes, but now, we will not trust this swan.  She may fly away and never come back, and if this happens, we will be poor again. Next time she comes, we will take all of her feathers!.


DAUGHTER 1: Mother, we shouldn’t hurt the swan.


DAUGHTER 2: We will not cause any pain to her.


MOTHER: No!.  I am determined to catch the swan next time she comes.


NARRATOR: So when the swan came.


MOTHER: I have you!.   Now I will pull out all of your feathers.


NARRATOR: But the golden feathers of the swan changed into some strange feathers.


MOTHER: These are not your feathers!.  What have you done?.  Give me back my feathers!.


SWAN: Poor woman, I wanted to help you, but you wanted to get rid of me instead. I used to give you the golden feathers, but now, I think there is no need to help you. Now, my feathers are nothing more than chicken feathers . I am leaving this place, and I will never come back!.


MOTHER: No, please don´t go.  I am so sorry!.


SWAN: Never be greedy.  I am going away.  Good-bye!.


NARRATOR: And the swan flew away, and they never saw her again.




Author: Jataka Tales


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O


Moral: Excess greed brings nothing.


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