The Three King´s Sons

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BASSAM –  older son

HAZIM –  second son

RAHIM –  younger son




BOY 1 – with a cardboard moon

BOY 2 – with a cardboard sun



Setting: Act I, II, III take place in the King´s bedroom.




(The King is on stage wearing a robe. He´s lying over cushions. He`s old and sick. The Councelor knocks at the door).


KING: (coughing) Come in.


COUNSELOR: (enters) Your majesty, how did you spend the night?.


KING:  Bad, my good counselor.  I´m happy to see you. I was coughing all night, and I´m very worried.


COUNSELOR: Why, your majesty?.


KING: Each day I´m getting older. I´m sick and very tired. It´s time that one of my sons take my place to rule my kingdom.


COUNSELOR:  Any of them could be a good king. They are good men, intelligent. healthy, and brave.


KING: That´s the problem. How can I know which one of them would be a good king (they scatch their heads, and walk through the stage thinking.


COUNSELOR: I have an idea!. A very good idea, your majesty!.


(They whisper. With gestures the King seems to approve and that he’s satisfied. The Maid enters the stage)


KING: Tell Prince Bassam to come immediately to help me dress up.


(The Maid leaves the stage. The King seems nervous and impatient. Bassam enters the stage running)


BASSAM: Excuse me, dear father, I was late because…


 KING: (interrupts Bassam) enough of excuses and help me dress up!.


BASSAM: Yes, yes, right away… (yells) Helper!.  (The Helper enters the stage) Hurry up, go get the King`s suit!.


HELPER: Which one?.


BASSAM: Lets see… let me ask. (To the King) Which suit are you going to wear today?.


KING: The suit with blue lace and yellow stones.


BASSAM: (to the Helper) Bring the blue suit with lace and yellow stones!.


HELPER: Yes, prince BASSAM.  (yells) Maid! (the Maid enters the stage and bows) Bring the yellow stones for the King´s blue lace suit.


MAID 1:  Excuse me?.


BASSAM:  Oh sorry, bring the blue suit with lace and yellow stones.


KING:  It´s too late, my son!. You will have to visit the city all by yourself. When you come back, tell me what you saw.


BASSAM: Yes, father, I will.


KING: Order them to give you a good horse.


(Bassam bows and leaves the stage)




(The King is wearing a robe lying over cushions. Bassam knocks at the door)


KING: Come in.


(Bassam enters and sits on the chair)


BASSAM: Good evening, my father. I´m very tired today!.


KING: Tell me, how did it go?. What did you see?. What did you hear?.


BASSAM: I had so much fun!.  Everybody was shouting “Hail to our good king´s son!”.  There was music playing, and a lot of parties.


KING: (yawing) Good, you may leave. You look tired and I don´t feel very well.


BASSAM: Rest, my dear father.


KING: Oh, tell your brother Hazim to come early tomorrow morning to help me dress up.


BASSAM: Yes, father (leaves the stage).


(The King closes his eyes. Boy 1 with a cardboard moon enters the stage slowly, stands in the center of the stage and then leaves. Boy 2 with a cardboard sun enters the stage slowly, stands in the center of the stage and then leaves. The King open his eyes and coughs.  He stands up and starts walking impatiently on stage. Hazim enters the stage)


HAZIM: Excuse me, father!.  Last night I didn´t sleep well and I couldn`t wake up.


KING: Lets not waste any time and help me dress up.


HAZIM: (yelling) Helper, come right away!. Bring me my father´s suit!.


(The Helper enters the stage)


HELPER: Which one?.


HAZIM: Which suit would you like to wear today, father?.


KING: I would like the green one with green stones.


HAZIM:  (to the Helper) Bring the green suit with green stones.


(The Helper leaves the stage)


KING: Oh, my son!.  It´s getting late and I can´t go with you, so you have to go alone. Tonight you will tell me what you saw.


HAZIM: I will, my father (bows and leaves the stage).




(The Kings wears a robe and lies over cushions. Hazim knocks at the door)


KING: Come in.


HAZIM: (enters  the stage and sits) Well, I´m here to tell you what I saw during my visit to the kingdom´s capital.


KING: I´m listening, my son.


HAZIM: The rich people took me to visit the city limits. Then we went to the dock, where a ship was unloading the most beautiful suits and jewelry that you can imagine. I received many gifts for you and for my brothers.


KING: (yawning) Good, good Hazim, I´m glad that you´re happy. Now you can go and rest and don´t forget to tell your younger brother to come early tomorrow morning to help me dress up.


HAZIM: Yes, my father. Sleep well (bows and leaves the stage).


(The King closes his eyes.  Boy 1 with a cardboard moon enters the stage slowly, stands in the center of the stage and then leaves. Boy 2 with a cardboard sun enters the stage slowly, stands in the center of the stage and then leaves. Rahim, the King´s youngest son enters the stage and sits beside the king. The King opens his eyes)


KING: I see you came early, my dear Rahim.


RAHIM: What can I do for you, my dear father.


KING: I´m too old, I need help to get dressed.


RAHIM: I´m happy to help you. Which suit would you like to wear today?.  (takes out a paper and pencil to write down the instructions)


KING: Today, I would like to wear the red suit with golden stones.


RAHIM: And which shoes?.


KING: The green shoes.


RAHIM: Which horse would you like to ride to go to the city?.


KING: The black one which was a gift from my brother.


RAHIM: Helper, come here! (the Helper enters the room).  Please, be so kind and bring me the King´s clothing, exactly as it is written in this piece of paper (gives him the paper), and don´t make any mistakes (the Helper leaves the room and comes back with all the clothing. To the helper) I will help my father. You may leave (he helps the King getting dressed). My father, you are ready to go.


KING: I have decided that you visit the city in my place, because I prefer to take a walk in the garden.


RAHIM: With pleasure my father.


(Rahim bows and leaves the stage. The King sits, a few minutes later Rahim knocks at the door)


KING: Come in, my son.


(Rahim enters very tired, and sits beside the King. He´s dressed with old clothes)


KING: You look tired, and besides, why are you dressed like that?.


RAHIM: I walked all day, and I´m very tired.


KING: Why?. Didn´t you take the horse?.


RAHIM: No, dear father. I decided to walk and to dress like the most humble of your servants. Nobody recognized me and I could visit every place in the city. I opened my eyes and ears. I talk to poor people, craftsmen, vendors, and … I´m very sad.


KING: Tell me, Rahim. Keep telling me.


RAHIM: I´m sad because the kingdom is less happy than what it seems: The one who works more is the one who has less. I saw people without a job walking through the city.


KING: Keep talking, Rahim.


RAHIM: I know that the rich people gather wheat in their barns to sell it more expensive next year during the winter… and …


KING: That´s enough my son!.  I already know all that, but I am too old and there´s little I can do. You`re young and you will know how to rule because you are willing to serve. You will be the next King. Tomorrow this will be your kingdom so that I can die in peace (they hug).




Author:  Taken from the books by Don Juan Manuel,_Prince_of_Villena


Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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