The Princess and the Pea

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Setting:  At the Palace




QUEEN:  Why are you sad, my dear son?.


PRINCE:  I’m not happy mother.  I want to get married but I haven’t found a real princess.  I’ve traveled troughout the world, visited hundreds of palaces, and I haven’t been able to find her.


QUEEN:  I know.  There are too many charming, beautiful, and intelligent women, but they are not real princesses.


PRINCE:  I’ll keep looking, and I know that someday I will find her.


QUEEN:  Meanwhile, you must stay here at the palace.  It will be a harsh winter, and tonight the weather is terrible.


PRINCE:  I hope the storm doesn’t do a lot of damage, and I’m praying that my people stay at home.  The wind is howling, the thunder is rumbling overhead, and lightning is tearing the sky apart.


(The Princess knocks at the door)


QUEEN:  Who could it be at this hour?.


PRINCE:  I don’t know, but whoever it may be must be completely soaked.


(The Prince opens the door)


PRINCE:  Who are you?.  What are you doing in the middle of the storm?.


QUEEN:  Poor girl!. 


PRINCESS: I am a princess.  Please help me.  My clothes and my hair are all wet!.


PRINCE:  Come in, please. 


PRINCESS:  You have to believe me.  I am a princess!.


QUEEN:  We believe you, dear.


PRINCE:  I didn’t see your carriage.  How did you get here?.


PRINCESS:  It’s a long story, but I’d rather not talk about it right now.


PRINCE:  You’re right. 


QUEEN:  You need to rest and change your clothes.  Please, get near the chimney to warm up, and in a few minutes one of our maidens will take you to your room.


PRINCESS:  Thanks, I really appreciate what you’re doing for me.


(The Princess gets near the chimney, while the Queen approaches the Prince)


QUEEN:  She says she’s a princess, and there’s only one way to find out if she’s telling us the truth.


PRINCE:  How?.  She’s so beautiful that I think I’m in love with her!.


QUEEN:  You’ll see.  (rings a small bell.  The Maiden enters the stage and approaches her) I want you to go to our guest room and place a pea on the bed.  Then, go to every bedroom in the palace and gather twenty mattresses and place them over the pea.


DONCELLA: Yes, your majesty.  (leaves the stage)


PRINCE:  Why are you doing this?.


QUEEN:  Princesses are very sensitive.  If she’s a real princess, she won’t be able to sleep well as she will feel the pea right through the twenty mattresses.


 (The Princess approaches them)


PRINCESS:  I’m so tired.


QUEEN:  Your bed is ready, and I’m sure you will have a good night’s sleep.  My maiden will take you to your room.  (Rings a small bell.  The Maiden enters the stage and approaches her)


DONCELLA: Yes, your majesty.


QUEEN:  Take the princess to her room.  


DONCELLA:  (to the Princess)  Please, follow me.


QUEEN:  (to the Princess)  Rest well, my dear.  We’ll see you in the morning in the dining room.


PRINCESS:  Thank you, good night.


PRINCE:  Have pleasant dreams.


(The Maiden and the Princess leave the stage)


QUEEN:  It’s been a long day, let’s go to bed.  Tomorrow we will know the truth.


(The Queen and the Prince leave the stage)




(The Queen and the Prince are having breakfast.  The Princess enters)


PRINCESS:  Good morning (looks at the food). Everything looks so delicious  and I’m so hungry!.


PRINCE:  (stands) Good morning.  Please join us for breakfast.   


(The Princess and the Prince sit)


QUEEN: How did you sleep dear?.


PRINCESS:  Oh, very badly!. I couldn’t  closed my eyes all night.


QUEEN: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.


PRINCESS:  Heaven only knows what was under all those mattresses.


PRINCE:  But that’s imposible!.  We gave you the best bed in the palace.


PRINCESS:  Well, I felt I was lying over a stone, and now all my body hurts.  I feel terrible!.


PRINCE:  (stands)  Then you are a real princess!.  Nobody but a real princess could be as sensitive and delicate as that.


QUEEN: That’s true. 


PRINCE:  Now I know you are the woman I’ve looking for.  Since the moment I saw you my heart told me you were my princess and the love of my life.  (Takes the Princess hand) Will you marry me?.  (The Princess stands)


PRINCESS: (smiling)  Yes, I will.


(The Prince and the Princess kiss)




Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O based on Hans Christian Andersen story: The Princess and the Pea


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