The Magic Pencil

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NARRATOR: One day the teacher asked Keyla to make up a short story. In the afternoon, while she was trying to write in her notebook, thinking and thinking what to write, she heard a little voice.



GOBLIN: Keyla, Keyla!.



NARRATOR: Keyla looked on both sides, but she couldn`t see anybody. Then she heard again the same little voice.



GOBLIN: Keyla, Keyla!. Look down here, on the table!.



NARRATOR: Keyla almost fell to the floor when she saw a little goblin. It was dressed in green, with a little hat and black shoes.



KEYLA: Who are you?. Where did you come from?.



GOBLIN: Don´t be afraid. My name is Sparkle. I was walking by when I saw you so worried, that’s why I want to help you. What´s wrong?.



KEYLA: I have to write a short story, and I don´t know what to write about.



GOBLIN: (thinking for a while, then he takes out a pencil and gives it to Keyla) Take this, I lend you my pencil. With my pencil you can write whatever you want.



NARRATOR: Keyla couldn´t believe what was happening. She then decided to ask the Goblin how the pencil worked.



GOBLIN: All you have to do is ask the pencil to help you.



NARRATOR: Then the goblin disappeared. Keyla took the pencil in her hand and asked for an adventure short story.



KEYLA: Look pencil. I want the story to take place in the jungle, while I am in a boat in the river.



NARRATOR: Keyla placed the pencil over her notebook and she started to write until she finished the story.



NARRATOR: Next day, Keyla read the story in class.



TEACHER: Wow!.  Your story was fantastic!.  You have to write for us another story.



KEYLA: I will try!.



NARRATOR: And she did. The pencil and Keyla wrote funny and exciting stories. One night she liked her dream so much that she decided to write about it. She took the pencil until she forgot that the pencil was magical. When she finished, she heard the goblin`s voice.



GOBLIN: Hi, Keyla!. Have you written many stories?.



KEYLA: Yes, and everybody liked them.



GOBLIN: Good!. I am glad that you are not having trouble writing short stories. I think that you can now give me my pencil back.



KEYLA: The magical pencil?. But I need it.



GOBLIN: I don`t think so. The other day you wrote your dream, and the pencil didn`t help you. In fact, you can write whatever you want to because the pencil always writes what you are thinking.



KEYLA: You`re right!.  I can write all the stories I want. And I can write them all by myself.



NARRATOR: The goblin took the magic pencil and disappeared, and was never seen again.



KEYLA: I am not worried about having to write a story anymore. Now I know that I can write whatever I want to.






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