The Blind Men and The Elephant

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BOY: (enters stage running and yelling) An elephant!.  Everybody, come see it, it´s coming, it´s coming.  Everybody come out, come and see the elephant.   An elephant!.


(The Blind Men enter stage walking slowly with their cranes)


BLIND MAN 1: I don´t know how an elephant looks like.


BLIND MAN 2: Me neither.


BLIND MAN 3: Me neither.


BLIND MAN 4: I would like to know how an elephant looks like.


BLIND MAN 5: Let´s wait so we can touch it.


BLIND MAN 6: We will touch it with our own hands.  Our fingers are our eyes.


GUIDE: (enters with the elephant) Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, this big elephant needs to walk through here.  Be careful.


BLIND MAN 1: (walking) Good man, please let this poor blind men touch your elephant.  We want to know how it looks like.


GUIDE:  Fine, come near and touch him.  He´s not dangerous.  Don´t be afraid.


BLIND MAN 1: (touches the elephant´s body)  Mmmm, to me the elephant is like a rough wall.


BLIND MAN 2: (touches the elephan´s leg)  No, you are wrong.  The elephant is like a tree.


BLIND MAN 3: That´s a lie, that´s a lie!.   My hands tell me clearly that the elephant is like a spear.


BLIND MAN 4: You are completely wrong.  I also touched it and I am sure that it´s like a hand fan, and my fingers don`t lie to me.


BLIND MAN 5: Nobody lies to me.  The elephant looks like a snake.


BLIND MAN 6: None of you know how an elephant looks like!,  I think that the elephant looks like a rope to tie packages.


BLIND MAN 1: How do you dare to insult me?.  I am sure that it looks like a wall.


BLIND MAN 2: I am telling you that it looks like a tree.


BLIND MAN 5: No, it´s like a snake.


BLIND MAN 3: A snake?.  Not at all!.  I am sure it looks like a spear.


BLIND MAN 4: It`s a lie.  It looks like a hand fan.


BLIND MAN 6: It´s a rope!.  It´s a rope!.


(The Blind Men start fighting with each other.  There´s great confusion and everybody is talking at the same time)


BLIND MAN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: (all at the same time) No one will say that I am wrong… Take this!.  Ouch, ouch… but I am right….  It´s a rope…  It´s a wall… It´s a spear… No, I am telling you that it´s a hand fan…  A tree, it´s a tree…  Who hit me?.  Ouch, my back!.


GUIDE: Calm down, calm down!.  Be quiet!.  Listen… listen…  I will explain everything.


BLIND MEN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 : Why?.


GUIDE: (gets on the elephant) Because each of you only touched a part of the elephant. The one who touched the body thought it was a wall.  The one who touched the leg thought it was a tree.  The one who touched the tusk imagined a spear.  The one who felt the ear, tought it was a hand fan.  The one who touched the trunk, remembered the snake.  And the shortest one, that only could touch the tail, was sure that the elephant was like a rope.


BLIND MAN 5: Now I understand.  Yes, that´s what happened and we all got angry.


GUIDE: You got so angry that you started fighting with each other.


BLIND MAN 1: We behaved like fools.


BLIND MAN 2: We were wrong.


BLIND MAN 3: We got so furious.


BLIND MAN 4: Because all of us thought we were right.


BLIND MAN 5: But none was.


BLIND MAN 6: Instead of trying to understand.


GUIDE: Of course, to know the truth we have to know every part.


BLIND MAN 1: We thank you, and the elephant too, for teaching us that it´s better to agree with each other and try to know the truth.  Now we know that reality is different depending on how we see it.


BLIND MAN 2: Let´s be friends again.


BLIND MAN 3: Let´s get to know the elephant.


(The Blind Men walk around the elephant touching it at the same time)




Author:  Fable from India


Adapted by:  K I D S I N C O


Moral: there may be some truth to what someone says.



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