Mr. Cat´s Party

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Cat is having a party


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Setting: Forest with two little houses.




(The Squirrel, the Bear and the Turtle enter the stage. The Squirrel has an invitation in her hand. She can´t walk and has a bandage in his knee)


SQUIRREL: How are you, Mr. Bear?. You are always so handsome!.


BEAR:  (He bends over to shake her hand and keeps looking at the squirrel`s knee) Good Morning, Mrs. Squirrel. What happened to your knee?.


SQUIRREL:  (The Squirrel touches her knee and has the invitation in her other hand) Ouch!.  I hit myself with the umbrella. Oh, Mr. Bear, my little friend the turtle brought me an invitation. It says that Mr. Cat is throwing up a big party.


TURTLE: (reading aloud the invitation the squirrel is holding) Everybody is invited to a celebration on January 6th.Bear: Mrs. Squirrel.  May I go with you?.  I would like to take you to the party.


(Rabbits 1 and 2 enter the stage)


SQUIRREL: Sure, Mr. Bear!.  But, I would like to invite these two cute rabbits.


BEAR:   Rabbits, my dear friends, would you like to come with us?. There´s going to be a party in the forest that you will greately enjoy.


RABBITS 1 AND 2:  Yes, we’d love to!.  We will have a lot of fun!.


(The Crow and Moose enter the stage dancing)


RABBIT 1: Hello, Mr. Crow, stop singing. We are going all together to dance with Mr. Moose.


(On stage there is a little carton house. The deer is watching through the window)


RABBIT 2: Mrs. Deer, come outside. We are going to a party. Nothing will happen to you.


(They all go to Mr. Cat`s house. When they arrive, the Squirrel raises her hand holding the invitation)


EVERYBODY: Good morning, Mr. Cat. We are happy to be here. Thank you for the inviting us!.


CAT:   Ha, ha, ha, ha.  This us so funny! .  What took you so long?.  That´s last year´s invitation!.


EVERYBODY:  What happened?.


CAT:  (pointing to the turtle) The turtle walks so slow, that it took her a year to give you the invitation. The party was celebrated a year ago without all of you. How sad this is!.


EVERYBODY:  And now what?.  There isn´t going to be a party, right?.


TURTLE:  There´s going to be a party. Mr. Cat is so kind and generous. We will sing and dance.


CAT:  Come in, come in, my friends. Let´s  have a party!.  Let’s sing and dance and have fun!.


(They all sing and dance)



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