Jack and the Beanstalk

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NARRATOR: Long ago there lived a mother and her son. The son’s name was Jack. One day the mother said to Jack .


MOTHER: We can not afford to buy even a loaf of bread. We have to sell our cow.


JACK: Okay mother I will take the cow to the market and sell her.


NARRATOR: On the way to town, Jack came across a man coming down the road.


MAN: Hello there boy. Are you taking your cow to town to sell?.


JACK: Yes, sir. Are you interested in buying her?.


MAN: Well, no. I would like to trade her for these magic beans.


JACK: Okay.


NARRATOR: Jack and the man traded. Jack was so excited he ran all the way home.


JACK: Mother, Look what I got for our cow. Magic beans!.


NARRATOR: Jack’s mother became angry with Jack.


MOTHER: How could you be so foolish?.  There are no such thing as magic beans.


NARRATOR: Mother took the magic beans from Jack and threw them out the window into the garden. Jack and his mother did not have anything to eat for dinner. So they finished their chores and went to bed.  Next morning, Jack and his mother had a big surprise. During the night, the beans had sprouted. They had grown into a thick beanstalk so tall that it was in the clouds.


JACK: I wonder where it ends?.


NARRATOR: He jumped on the beanstalk and began climbing. He climbed and climbed all day until he reached the clouds. At the very top, he found a path that took him to the front door of an enormous house. When Jack knocked a tall woman opened the door.


JACK: Please, ma’am, I’m hungry and thirsty.


WOMAN: You’ll be worst off if you don’t go away. My husband likes to eat little boys and he will soon be home.


NARRATOR: Suddenly, the earth shook with the giant’s footsteps. Jack darted into the house.


WOMAN: Quickly, hide in here!.


NARRATOR: The woman picked up Jack and put him in the oven. The giant entered the kitchen shortly after the woman closed the door.


GIANT: Fee – fi – fo – fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman.


WOMAN: You must be smelling the stew from last night’s dinner. I’ll bring you some.


GIANT: Never mind. Bring me my magic hen.


NARRATOR: The woman brought the giant his magic hen. Jack peeked out and watched the hen lay one golden egg after another. Soon, the giant was fast asleep and snoring. Jack quietly grabbed the magic hen. But the hen cackled loudly and woke the giant.


GIANT: Come back here you thief!.


NARRATOR: Jack ran like the wind. He climbed down the beanstalk but the giant was close behind him.


JACK: Mother, get an ax!.


NARRATOR: When Jack reached the bottom, he took the ax and chopped down the beanstalk. Down tumbled the giant, and with a mighty grown he fell dead on the ground.


JACK: Mother, look what I found at the giant’s house. A hen that lays golden eggs.


NARRATOR: Jack’s mother smiled and gave Jack a big hug. Jack and his mother lived happily ever after. Thanks to the golden eggs, they never needed anything ever again.




Author: Joseph Jacobs – Date Published:  1890 – (August 29, 1854 – January 30, 1916)  He was born in Sydney Australia, and died in Yonkers , New York.  He was a literary and Jewish historian. He was a writer for the Jewish Encyclopedia and a notable folklorist, creating several collections of fairy tales.


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