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Cinderella cleaning the house

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NARRATOR: In a beautiful palace, surrounded by a beautiful garden, there lived the King and Queen with her only daughter. One day the Queen said.



QUEEN: Oh, look at our beautiful daughter!.



KING: She looks just like you. Her hair is like gold, and her eyes like a blue lake.



NARRATOR: But one day the Queen got sick and she died. After a few months the King married a new woman, cruel and proud, and who had two ugly daughters, whose names were Latisha and Nicole. One day the King suffered a terrible accident, and died. And so the little princess knew that she would never be happy again. One day her stepmother was in the garden and said.



STEPMOTHER: Little girl, come here!. I see that you are having a good time!. Very well, beautiful, this is over now!. I need maids, everything is very expensive, so I have decided that from now on you will serve me, Latisha and Nicole. Go inside the palace and put on a maid dress, and start cleaning every chimney, all of them are very dirty.When you finish come to me again, you need to do more things!.  Go now, get to work!.



NARRATOR: So the princess cleaned every chimney in the palace, and when she finished she went back to her stepmother.



STEPMOTHER: Good, good, so you have finished. I see what you have been doing, you have ash even in your nose!.



LATISHA: Ha, ha, ha, ha this is funny!. Cinderella, Cinderella, that is how we will call you.



NICOLE: Cinderella, ha, ha, ha, ha.



STEPMOTHER: Shhh, quiet!. Cinderella, is a perfect name for a maid. Since today is prince`s Rupert ball, you are going to iron our dresses. We have been invited, and you too, but don`t dream about going, you have a lot of things to do. You need to polish all the silverware, comb our hair, and help us get dressed…. quick…. Latisha and Nicole you have to look very pretty, they say that the prince is looking for a wife… you… Cinderella… get to work!.






NARRATOR: The little princess ironed the dresses and then she helped them get dressed.



STEPMOTHER: Cinderella, give me my necklace!… No, not that one, the one that has diamonds, I look better with it…. Perfect!






NICOLE: Cinderella, bring me my shoes and comb my hair!.



LATISHA: Cinderella, bring me my hat!.



STEPMOTHER: Cinderella, bring me my purse, the white one, not the blue one!.






STEPMOTHER: Hurry up, we can`t be late for the ball.



CINDERELLA: Here`s your mirror, Nicole. And here`s your purse Latisha.



NARRATOR: Cinderella did everything she was told to do. Finally, they left in a beautiful pink carriage, and Cinderella sat down in the floor watching them leave, while crying sadly.



CINDERELLA: Oh, I wish I could go, too.



NARRATOR: Then she heard a sweet voice.



FAIRY GODMOTHER: Good evening.



CINDERELLA: Who are you?.



FAIRY GODMOTHER: I am your Fairy Godmother, and I have come today because I think that you need my help.



CINDERELLA:  Oh, Fairy Godmother.



FAIRY GODMOTHER: I can`t stand seeing you so sad and so unfairly treated. Let`s see what my magic wand can do today!. Magic wand, I want the most beautiful dress in the world, the most precious jewelry, a coach, six horses, a coachman, and a groom.  Oh and a pair of glass slippers.



NARRATOR: Suddenly a white sparkling dust covered Cinderella from head to toe, and when it disappeared, she looked wonderful.



CINDERELLA: Oh, Fairy Godmother, how beautiful dress! And how lovely glass slippers!.



FAIRY GODMOTHER: Now, you are ready for the ball.  But there is one thing you must know. The magic will last only till the last stroke of midnight. At twelve o´clock everything will disappear, except for the glass slippers, which I give them to you, so try to be at home by that time.



CINDERELLA: Oh, I will remember that.  Thank you so much. You make me very happy.



FAIRY GODMOTHER: Now, go to the ball, and have fun.  And remember… at twelve.



NARRATOR: And  the Fairy Godmother disappeared. Then Cinderella went inside the carriage. The carriage was going so fast that it seemed to go flying. When she arrived to the palace, she entered the ball room, and everybody turned around to look at her.



MAIDEN 1: Who is she?.



MAIDEN 2: I don`t know.



NARRATOR: Even the King and Queen couldn`t stop looking at her.



KING: Who is she?.



QUEEN: She`s so beautiful!.



NARRATOR: The prince looked at her astonished by her beauty, and immediately he fell in love with her. Then he asked her to dance.



PRINCE: Would you like to dance?.



CINDERELLA: Oh, yes, your highness.



NARRATOR: While they were dancing, her stepmother and stepsisters kept looking at the couple.



STEPMOTHER: Who is she?.



LATISHA: I have never seen her before.



NICOLE: Look at him!. He looks happy!.



NARRATOR: Meanwhile, the prince told Cinderella.



PRINCE: Thank you for the dance.



CINDERELLA: You are welcome, your highness.



NARRATOR: Then she heard the clock.



CINDERELLA: I must go.



PRINCE: But, you have just arrived.



CINDERELLA: Good bye!. I must go!.



NARRATOR: And she started running.



PRINCE: No!. Stop!.



NARRATOR: While Cinderella was still running the magic disappeared, and her dress turned to rags and the coach, horses, coachman, and groom disappeared. The prince followed her, until he lost her.



PRINCE: I lost her!.   How will I see her again if I don`t even know her name.



NARRATOR: Then he saw something in the floor.



PRINCE: What is this?. Oh, it`s one of her glass slippers. I will look for her throughout the kingdom.



NARRATOR: And he did. He tried the shoe in every maiden there was in the kingdom. Some of them fit into the shoe, but they didn`t have the other one. Then one day he arrived to Cinderella`s palace. As soon as he arrived Latasha and Nicole tried on the shoe, but their feet were very big, so it was useless.



PRINCE: Are there other young maidens here?.






NARRATOR: As the prince was getting ready to leave, one of his servants saw that Cinderella was watching them behind the stairs.



SERVANT: Come here, young girl, and try on this shoe.



LATISHA: But… she can`t… she didn`t even go to the ball.



NICOLE: Besides, she is our maid. The prince would not want her.



SERVANT: Come here, girl, try it on.



NARRATOR: Then Cinderella tried on the shoe, which fit her perfectly.



PRINCE: You will be my bride!. Let`s go to my palace.



CINDERELLA: Oh, yes, your highness.



NARRATOR: They went to the palace where they got married, and were happy for many, many, many years.






Author: Brothers Grimm



Adapted by: K I D S I N C O



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